With the approach of Christmas, there are days when consumerism invades our cities. Faced with this compulsive consumption, a few years ago the ‘Green Friday’ movement was born, which aims to make the population aware of more responsible consumption , precisely coinciding with one of the days when most purchases are made in the world, ‘Black Friday’ .
At Ikea , aware of the importance of caring for the environment, they have decided this year to bet on this initiative by launching their own ‘Green Friday’, which could rather be called ‘Green Week’ , since it will be held from 23 to November 29 in its stores in 27 different countries.
To do this, the Swedish giant will promote the repurchase of its furniture by multiplying by two the usual appraisal value of furniture that its customers no longer need. “Depending on the condition of the furniture, the appraisal value could reach up to 50% of its original price ,” they point out from Ikea. In addition, during that week, IKEA Family members will receive for furniture ” double the value of their usual appraisal in a reimbursement card that will not expire, so they can think about their next purchase at IKEA.”

Circular Hub

For those who want to buy second-hand furniture, Ikea will enable a space in its stores called ‘Circular Hub’(what used to be known as the attic of opportunities ). There they will sell the products for the same appraisal price that they have offered to their original owners .
In the words of Mosiri Cabezas, director of Business Development and Transformation at IKEA in Spain, “the objective of this action is to give a second life to thousands of products and prevent them from ending up as rubbish, which they are not. We want to share with society that each and every one of us can contribute to protecting the planet , and that this is compatible with access to affordable furniture and decoration products for the vast majority of people. We have no doubt that the future must be circularand one way to bet on it is to start today”.
In addition to promoting the circular economy , the action aims to give IKEA customers the opportunity to acquire more affordable furniture for their homes in a complex context for many. “It is also about taking care of our customers’ pockets. The needs of households change over time and our clients will be able to sell those products that they no longer use and in exchange buy at a more affordable price and in a thoughtful way those that they need”, says Mosiri Cabezas. A not insignificant idea given the times.

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