What would we be without skirts in spring and summer

We could survive with the most beautiful dresses in our wardrobe, but skirts have that super special touch with which to go from level to our outfits is super easy.
As we are passionate about skirts and we already have the vichy check skirt with which to achieve the most romantic looks of spring, now we can afford to launch ourselves in search of the perfect long skirt to wear with boots in spring and with sandals in summer . After delving into the depths of the new collections, we have found it.
It is a long skirt with a Stradivarius flower printwhich, in addition to combining perfectly with boots and sandals, can also be the perfect match for the openwork knit sweater with boho trends or even with the new knit top from Stradivarius (which was perfect for flared jeans, but is so beautiful that we will want to wear it with everything).
Although midi skirts seem to have absolute hegemony, long skirts have returned this spring to claim their rightful place. Either because they are one of the top garments of the boho aesthetic (which is the one that triumphs this season) or because their versatility means that long skirts can be used both in spring and summer .and have irresistible looks. The thing is that long skirts are back and the one we found at Stradivarius has such a pretty print that you’ll want to wear it with boots in spring and sandals in summer.
With an elastic waistband and a cheerful flower print , the Stradivarius long skirt is perfect to bet on it in your spring boho looks. The long floral skirt , with a white shirt tied at the waist and cowboy boots result in a super groundbreaking outfit for spring days.
But, as we have already warned, long skirts are timeless and super versatile., so you can continue betting on this Stradivarius flower skirt when summer arrives. You just have to change the shirt for a gathered top, the boots for sandals and that’s it, there you have the most romantic style of the whole summer .
At a super cheap price (it is only worth 19.99 euros), the Stradivarius long flower skirt has such a beautiful print and is so wearable and versatile, that investing in it for your spring looks and your summer outfits is the best of the hits .

This is the long skirt with flowers by Stradivarius

In the description of the garment you can read peasant skirt. Its flowing cut and its floral printMaybe they evoke that concept, but for us, this is the perfect long skirt for the most boho looks. In fact, the first time we saw it we felt an absolute crush, because long skirts seem to us to be one of the most cool garments and this one from Stradivarius can be worn both in spring and summer.
With a ruffled finish , which makes the skirt more flared, the garment is ideal to bet on in informal outfits but with a strong personality. That is why we think it is perfect to combine it with boots in spring and with sandals in summer .
Regardless of the season in which we wear it, the long floral skirt from Stradivarius cries out that, in the event that the temperatures invite it, we combine it with a denim jacket . This time, let it not be an oversize cut. Available from size XS to XL , the Stradivarius long floral skirt is priced at 19.99 euros.

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