The opening of beaches and swimming pools is causing most of the population to think about vacations and travel to these areas. In this way, the Lidl supermarket brand wants to contribute to this planning with new products within its summer range.
One of the most successful is expected to be its new beach lounger and transport cart, now available exclusively on the website of the German company at a price of 22.99 euros, shipping costs not included.

Beach lounger next to transport cart

This Lidl brand lounger is available in two colors, blue and green,and it is one of the most complete products for our vacations. It has a padded headrest for greater comfort and when you pick it up it folds up, occupying the minimum space.
In addition, this lounger has a very simple method of transport thanks to its built-in cart with 2 resistant wheels to walk through the sand, or other terrain in difficult areas such as campsites or grass.
Resistance is another of the strong points of this product: it is made up of a high-quality aluminum frame and a tear-resistant fabric.Taking into account the areas of use, the fabric also has a fast drying. For greater comfort, this lounger has an adjustable backrest in 5 positions and a mesh pocket to store what we need. Similarly, it has an adjustable awning if we want to protect our face and upper body. Thus, we can dispense with umbrellas or regulate this small awning as we wish to have the sun.
Its dimensions in flat position with awning are 147 x 67 x 58 cm (L x D x H) and in vertical position with awning 113 x 67 x 91 cm (L x D x H), approximately. This lounger, marketed by Lidl and developed by Crivit, is not currently available for sale in physical stores, butIt can be purchased through the Lidl online store.
It also has a 3-year guarantee from the moment of purchase and the forecasts suggest that if you want to have it, you can already purchase it, because it may be sold out very soon according to previous premises.
This deckchair promises to be another new sales success of the German company, joining other products for the summer such as its new camping mat to achieve a better rest. This mat is also available on the brand’s website at a price of 12.99 euros and a design based on the conventional style of this type of product together with a backrest.

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