We are looking forward to summer, yes, but, above all, we are looking forward to the beach. We have just started spring and we can’t stop counting the days until summer arrives and, finally, we can go to the beach. In addition to the sea, the waves and the leisure time that summer brings, the proposals of the new collections of our favorite firms do nothing but increase our desire for a beach bar and beach .
Much of that desire for the beach is unfounded by some of the top summer trends that we are seeing these days. The colored openwork knit dress with which to bet on boho trends has made usimagining ourselves in the most hippy beach bar mojito in hand and the most beautiful openwork knit sweater of spring makes us want to take our shorts out of the closet and launch ourselves into the world.
As you may have noticed, the trends for this spring-summer bet on the most boho outfits of the moment and that can only make us think of one thing: summer. But, among all the discoveries in summer trends, there is a garment that seems perfect for our beach bar and beach looks and it is so beautiful, that getting one is mission impossible . It is a crochet dress from Zara and it has become a bestseller .
As happened with Zara’s white jumpsuit, her crochet dress is the type of garment that arouses the maximum interest in buyers. Sand-colored, with straps and fringes at the bottom of the skirt, this dress seems to play in another league, in that of the best beach bar and beach looks. The first time we saw him we imagined him and a raffia hat walking towards the fashionable beach bar of our favorite beach.
This crochet dress from Zara has the gift of making us dream of afternoons with friends and beach bars, those in which time stands still and there is only room for laughter. For laughter and for the best of beach outfits, the one you bet on when you want to get a great look and end up being the center of attention of your friends.
With the trendiest fabric of the season, Zara’s crochet dress has all the ingredients to be the hit of the season . A coming soon next to all the sizes in which this design is available makes it quite clear: Zara’s crochet dress is the definitive one with which to take beach bar and beach looks to another level and getting one is a mission impossible.

This is the Zara crochet dress, ideal for beach days

Strappy, with fringes at the end of the skirt and in a flattering sand color, Zara’s crochet dress is the one that any influencer would wear to a summer festival and we would wonder where it’s from and why we haven’t discovered it before. This year that is not going to happen to us because we have anticipated them and we have already booked the ideal crochet dress for beach days , since the festivals seem to be still very far away.
Regardless of the beach plan you have, if you are going to the fashionable beach bar with your friends or take the opportunity to walk along the shore during sunset, Zara’s crochet dress has the gift of taking your beach looks to another level . Therefore, you put it on when you put it on, it will be an absolute triumph .
Theboho trends with hippie reminiscences it seems that they will not only accompany us during spring, they will also be very present during summer and this crochet dress from Zara, which is mission impossible to achieve because it sells out in a blink , is proof of it. Zara’s crochet dress is priced at 39.95 euros.

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