Many people will wonder, or have wondered throughout their lives, what is the price they pay to public figures who sell their lives in reality shows . Right now, that question may haunt the people who participate in La Isla de las Tentaciones 4, but, throughout the years of Telecinco, that doubt has gone through programs like Big Brother, Save me or Women and men and vice versa among others.
The world of television, just because of the amount of audience it generates, must be a well paid stage. However, that thought came crashing down when the youtuber and influencer Patricia Dominguez, better known as Patrizienta, stated that they had contacted her and her partner to offer her to participate in one of the first editions of The Island of Temptations .
In one of her famous YouTube videos, the influencer confessed that she had been offered “a few thousand euros” per person, yes, with expenses paid in terms of travel, diet, accommodation and other necessary aspects that were imposed in the production .
This girl refused at that time, since she considered that she would earn more money staying at homeand continuing with their usual routines. However, as previously mentioned, this happened when the program had just begun to take off, so it is to be expected that, with the increase in audience and sponsors , the reality show will offer more money to the protagonists of its success. .

“When they give me 50,000 euros to go to The Island of Temptations, I’ll think about it”

However, and although the salary of the characters in this reality show is unknown , it is almost obvious that they do not charge the Minimum Interprofessional Salary for the broadcast of your image.
The debate of the previous broadcast of The Last Temptation had Kiko Matamoros as one of its protagonists. This man, who had already been very critical of Fani Carbajo on other occasions , made this woman, defending herself against criticism, claim that those present at that plate were the ones who had to keep quiet the most, since, probably, they would have done worse things than those that are broadcast on the Telecinco reality show.
Kiko Matamoros replied that “When they give me 50,000 euros to go to The Island of Temptations, I’ll still think about it, not at the moment.” This could be a clue of what the participants in The Last Temptation are currently charging.

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