With the title of “100 measures for a Living Spain”, the party led by Santiago Abascal promotes on its website the initiatives, political projects and approaches with which they have participated in the Andalusian regional elections of 2018 and with which they will be presented to the rest of the calls of the electoral wave that is now starting.
Its electoral offer is unique, uniform and without distinctions by territory. With more than 395,000 votes, Vox breaks into the Andalusian Parliament with 12 deputies , a historical result far removed from the between 1 and 3 seats that the polls gave it. This electoral accolade will also be key for the municipal and European elections in May and for the general elections, regardless of the date on whichPedro Sanchez summoned them.
The far-right party, which has been presented in Andalusia with former judge Francisco Serrano as headliner, includes in its program controversial measures of enormous depth such as the following:

Spain, unity and sovereignty:

Suspension of Catalan autonomy until unmitigated defeat of the coup and the purification of civil and criminal responsibilities
Illegalization of parties, associations or NGOs that pursue the destruction of the territorial unity of the nation.
Transform the autonomous State into a unitary State of Law that promotes equality and solidarity instead of privileges and division.

Deportation of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin.
Revision of criminal types (and hardening of their penalties) to combat the mafias.
End the call effect

Defense, security and borders:

Closure of fundamentalist mosques.
Strengthen our borders. Build an insurmountable wall in Ceuta and Melilla.
Consideration of a crime of attack against authority attacks on health professionals and teachers in the private sector.

Economy and resources:
Drastic reduction in political spending. Elimination of duplicate positions and agencies, ideological or for any other reason expendable. Close organisms destined to create parallel structures to the State, regional televisions, ombudsmen, Consultative Councils, Meteorological Agencies, etc.
Fusion of municipalities and significant reduction in the number of local representatives.
Suppression of the Wealth Tax, the Tax on Inheritance and Donations and municipal capital gains throughout the national territory.


An integral conception of Health. Single health card, single vaccination schedule, comprehensive management of waiting lists and a single portfolio of services throughout the national territory.
Eliminate surgical interventions unrelated to health in public health (gender change, abortion…)

Education and culture:

Demand due recognition of the Spanish language at the international level.
Promote a law to protect bullfighting, as part of the Spanish cultural heritage.
Hunting will be protected, as a necessary and traditional activity in the rural world.

Life and family

Repeal of the law on gender violence and any rule that discriminates against one sex from another.
Defense of life from conception to natural death.

Liberties and justice:

End of public subsidies to political parties and their foundations, unions,
employers and ideological proselytizing organizations
Law of memory, dignity and justice for the victims of terrorism.
Promulgate anti-squatting and anti-usury laws.
Recover national sovereignty in the application of the sentences of our courts
. Classification of public waste in the Penal Code.
Elimination of the Jury.

Europe and international:

Promote in Brussels a new European treaty, along the lines defended by the countries of the Visegrad group in terms of borders

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