The Benito Villamarin is the scene of the Copa del Rey final that will measure Barcelona and Valencia on May 25, a stadium that has been constantly renovated in the last two years and has a capacity for 60,721 spectators , according to official data from the stadium itself. Betis.
In addition to the construction of the new South Goal , completed in the summer of 2017, the stadium has also recently renovated other areas, with the construction of a new lobby or a VIP terrace accessed by elevator and located next to the box. of authorities.
The wide variety of locations available leads the fan to adapt to any area of ​​the field from where he wants to witness the evolution of his team. Within this range of possibilities, the numerous VIP boxes and Premium areas stand out .
Thus, in Fondo there are 25 VIP boxes, while in Gol Norte there are 21. All of them have excellent features and different dimensions depending on the number of members: 13, 15 and 19 seats . In addition to watching the match live, fans can watch highlights and replays on television.
‘Tour’ by Benito Villamarin
The new work of Gol Sur has allowed the creation of a new Premium area with 395 seats. This space, known as Gol Sur Experience , allows you to enjoy a unique musical and gastronomic experience from one of the best areas of the new stand.
The idea of ​​the Betis board of directors is to finish the stadium in the coming years, with the demolition of the Preference stand and the installation of a roof , with which the Benito Villamarin stadium would be completely finished with respect to its design. two decades ago.

Locations of the fans of Barca and Valencia in the

El Benito Villamarin stadium will be divided into twoto host the fans of Barcelona and Valencia during the Copa del Rey final. Specifically, the followers who will access through the southern area of ​​the stadium occupying Gol Sur; while the area of ​​Gol Norte will be Valencian.
The Fund and Preference sections will be divided between both hobbies.

Ticket sales for the Copa del Rey final The Spanish Football Federation has put a total of1,000
on sale at the Benito Villamarin box office from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ‘social tickets’ at 20 euros for the Copa del Rey final. The beneficiaries of this measure can only be long-term unemployed, retirees and members of large families.
To avoid any type of fraud, the tickets are nominal and, therefore, the presentation of the DNI will be necessary to be able to enter the Betis stadium.

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