Many are those who want the long-awaited jackpot for the Euromillions draw, a jackpot that rises every week as long as there is not a First Category winner and that can reach the amount of 210 million euros.Well, if you are successful with the boat , you will have to attend to the date on which said ticket ceases to be valid.

All tickets have an expiration date

To find out the expiration date of our ticket, we simply have to attend to the date indicated on the back.Each draw has a period for collecting the prize, so for example the National Lottery has a maximum period of one month to collect it.
The limit to collect our winning ticket with the Euromillions draw is three months from the day after the draw. It is included within the raffles that have 90 days of expiration along with the Christmas, Primitive and Bonoloto raffles. The only possible way to extend this expiration, up to one more day, is when it happens that the last day of the period was a holiday in the town where the payment was processed.
It is very important to pay attention to the dates on which the payment can be made, since if the expiration date is met, the right to receive the prize will automatically be lost.The amount of this would go entirely to the benefit of the Public Treasury,what happens also with the leftover bills from the sale of each day.

Damaged or broken coupons

If, on the other hand, our problem is not expiration but deterioration , special care must also be taken, since our ticket or coupon is the only way we have to request payment. If our winning coupon is still damaged, we must go to the relevant administration to verify that it contains the winning number or numbers, and thus proceed to the authorization to receive payment.
If you are awarded a prize, you must collect the amount through the two available ways. Thus, for amounts less than 2,000 eurosThey can be collected from any of the Lottery Administrations of the Spanish geography. If the prize is greater than 2,000 euros , you must go to any of the financial entities that have an agreement with the State.
Given that the probability of winning the EuroMillions First Category prize amounts to 1 in 139,838,160, we must be careful not to lose the possibility of claiming the prize due to expiration, deterioration or loss.

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