There is a garment that when spring arrives always causes us mixed feelings. Feelings that extend past summer, when we still don’t know if we love monkeys or hate them. In addition to the difficulties that this garment presents for certain vital moments (it is difficult to go to the bathroom with a monkey), short women are not always favored with this type of garment. At least until now, that we have found the Zara linen jumpsuit that best suits short women and with which, in addition, to bet on the most fashionable color: pastel pink.
The truth is that Zara had already helped us find the flared jeans that best fit short women, that’s why we were sure that there we would find the most flattering linen jumpsuit in the world . Despite the fact that other garments from her new collection, such as the most original floral skirt, also frighten short women, we were actually looking for that simple jumpsuit that becomes essential every spring .
As we have already sinned and we have done with some of the garments of the new Zara collection with a 70s print, now the time has come to bet on that linen jumpsuit that is the one that best suits short womenand with which we can bet on the trending color of the season, dusty pink.
Unlike other types of design, Zara’s linen jumpsuit features a shirt-type top with short sleeves, it fits at the waist and its back is straight cut and above the ankle length. These characteristics help to stylize the figure and the legs do not seem so short . By presenting a more fluid upper part and framing it at the waist, Zara’s linen jumpsuit manages to delimit the two differentiated parts and avoids the negative effect that other types of jumpsuits cause.
In addition, that the legs are straight instead of super wide, helps to stylize the figure and thus avoid the dreaded stretcher table effect. In that sense, the Zara linen jumpsuit seems perfect for short women because it is the one that feels best and with it they can bet on the most in-trend color of spring, dusty pink .

This is the Zara linen jumpsuit that best suits short women

That the garment is uncomfortable to go to the bathroom is a risk that both short and tall women assume, but what we did not want to assume is that we could not wear a jumpsuit for our height .
It is true that we all have the freedom to wear what we want, what we like the most and what we are most comfortable with, but if we find a garment that suits us all , that is wonderful and worth sharing. That is why we wanted to share the discovery that the Zara linen jumpsuit has meant , which is the one that best suits short women (but it can also be worn by tall women , be careful).
In addition to being super flattering on short women, Zara’s linen jumpsuit has a very elegant cut that means we can bet on it in informal situations that require a plus of style. The raffia belt gives it a bohemian touch that we love. Available from size XS to size XL, Zara’s linen jumpsuit is priced at 39.95 euros.

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