The vaccination campaign against covid-19 has been a success since the first vaccine was applied in December 2020. As of today, 80.56% of the total population of Spain is inoculated with the complete schedule, which equals 38,173,059 people.
The percentage increases to 85.34% (40,437,079 people) in the case of people who have received at least one dose, a number that will gradually increase with the incipient vaccination of children under 12 years of age .
So that the protection does not decline, since last September, booster doses are being administered in different population groups. From what is known so far, these third doses will reach the entire population of legal age, although it will be the communities that extend or not the other ages. However, regardless of age, in order to receive the third dose, the time elapsed since the second dose must be taken into account, or if the virus has recently passed.
Currently, those people who have received the third dose are, in addition to people over 40 years of age, all health workers and people who are going through a chemical process of immunosuppression. On the other hand, people who received a single dose of Janssen and those who received two of AstraZeneca have also been vaccinated.

How long should I wait depending on the vaccine that was administered

People vaccinated by Pfizer or Moderna (messenger RNA) may receive the booster dose five months after the administration of the last dose. On the other hand, if the complete regimen was received with Janssen (a single dose) or AstraZeneca , the booster dose could be received if they have passedthree months from the last dose.
There have been cases where a first dose was received from AstraZeneca and a second from Pfizer or Moderna. In this situation, you must wait at least five months to receive a booster dose.

People recently infected with covid

Those people who have recently had the disease must add four more weeks to the months mentioned above . That is, a person with the complete guideline of Pfizer or Moderna recently infected must add another four weeks to the five months of waiting since the positive.
The same with Janssen or AstraZeneca, a situation in which four weeks must be added to the three months indicated.

Why are there different periods depending on the vaccine

Scientists have discovered that, over time, there has been a decrease in immunity and efficacy of the single dose of Janssen and in the two doses of AstraZeneca, for which they have considered it appropriate give the booster dose earlier.
However, those vaccinated with Janssen would have received only two vaccines (the first with Janssen and the booster), while those who were inoculated with AstraZeneca received the third. So far, there has been no talk of a third dose for Janseen .

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