The beers that we usually consume in our day to day are around 5 or 6 degrees of alcohol.This graduation can go up to 15 degrees if it is wine or even between 40 or 60 if we are talking about distilled beverages, such as rum or gin.
Among the beers with graduation between 4 and 6 are some like Heineken, 5º, Mahou, 5.5º, Estrella Galicia 5.5º or Budweiser, 5º. Craft beers, for their part, usually exceed this number, such as the well-known Houblon Chouffe, which has 9º of alcohol. However, there is in the sector, a drink that has more alcohol content than drinks such as tequila or whiskey.Only drinks like absinthe, which has 70 degrees, would overcome it.

We are talking about Snake Venom
beer , developed by the Brewmeister brand. And its name, translated into Spanish as Poisonous Snake, already gives us indications that we can expect with its consumption.

Of Scottish origin and 67.5º of alcohol

Snake Venom beer is marketed in our country through the Amazon online sales platform and is produced by Brewmeister , in Scotland. It has a base of malt with peat and brewer’s yeast, as well as champagne.
To achieve such a high level of alcohol, 67.5º, an essential method is used in its preparation: freezing.Through this mechanism, the ice crystals of water are eliminated, which increases the concentration of alcohol in your recipe. The resulting liquid is then further fortified with alcohol to increase the strength. This elaboration is known as the Eisbock method, for the beer to which it originates.
It has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon and a warning that already foreshadows what its consumption causes: “This beer is not for the faint-hearted, it is recommended to enjoy it in small doses of 35ml measures. We are not responsible for the risks you might take and we don’t encourage you to be the tough guy!”
This product translates into a drink with a very intense flavor, with a viscous textureand with a great aroma. The manufacturer also recommends treating it not like a beer but like a brandy due to the thickness of its liquid. At sight it has an intense black color and without foam.On the nose it has very fruity nuances and we can even delight the yeasty notes. In the mouth, it has a complex structure with flavors of apple and cherry, and even citrus fruits such as lemon. Despite its high alcohol content, this beer is a very balanced drink, even for tasting, with a final hint of bitter alcohol. A drink not to be taken lightly but to enjoy its many nuances.

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