A dead king, put king. And when a boat is sold, a boat is bought. Or vice versa, since it is already known that on many occasions the order of the factors does not alter the product. That is what tennis player Rafael Nadal must have thought when he purchased his new yacht, the ‘Great White’ , a24 meter long catamaran , designed and manufactured at the Sunreef Yachts shipyard in Gdansk, Poland; ultramodern, dynamic and elegant, combining comfort and exceptional seaworthiness.
When Nadal bought this yacht, the envy of all sailing lovers, he had already decided to get rid of ‘Beethoven’, his until then faithful squire on the high seas. Sunreef Yachts now reveals the video of this luxurious 80 foot motor yacht owned by the greatest sportsman in the history of Spain.
The island roots of Nadal, a native of Manacor, led him from a very young age to have a special relationship with the sea and to feel the desire to be able to sail when he was an adult. His life as a tennis player and his millionaire income have allowed him over the years to fulfill his dream of personalizing the catamaran that he longed for so much so that he could sail with his family and friends and disconnect from competitive tension and media noise.
Sunreef Yachts managed to seduce Nadal thanks to the guarantees of creating a product with almost all the materials and designs that he had in mind. Steel portholes, ambient lighting and an exclusive garage for smaller vehicles, such as boats, jet skis and motorized inflatable rafts, with which the tennis player now has fun every time he has the opportunity to get lost on the high seas.
The ‘Great White’ has two 1200hp engines , capable of propelling the yacht to a maximum speed of 23 knots and the maximum cruising speed is usually set at 16 knots. The interior of the boat has a large bedroom, a comfortable main room in which a retractable ceiling television stands out from which you can review your matches, watch your Real Madrid or follow the selection in the European Championship, and a private balcony, also retractable, where you can enjoy sunsets with family .
The main lounge of the boat is surrounded by glass windows and has two huge sofas inside, an ideal dining room for eight people and two other 77-inch televisions , just in case there is a diversity of criteria when it comes to handling the remote control .
The price of this luxurious yacht, which refers to the Great White Shark, which could well be the legendary golfer Greg Norman or Nadal himself due to his voracity on the tennis courts, is establishedbetween 4.2 and 5.6 million euros.

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