The Ford Transit Trail and Transit Custom Trail are the largest models in the range prepared to circulate in the harshest terrain conditions , even off paved roads. To do this, they come standard or can count as an extra with improved front-wheel drive thanks to a mechanical limited slip differential (mLSD).
However, the bodies of the Transit Van and Chassis -the Kombi, for passengers, not- of 2 tons (FT350, due to its MMA) – can adda competent all-wheel drive system as an alternative to that standard front-wheel drive . Its cost ranges, depending on the length of the van, between 5,600 and 6,600 euros,so that the most expensive configuration of a Transit Trail is just over 50,000 euros. The price of these Transit Trail FT350 starts at 42,420 euros with the conventional 130 hp Diesel engine.

We have been able to validate its effectiveness by driving a 130 hp Ford Transit Van with a medium wheelbase and a high roof, on a road that was sometimes muddy and slippery. These vans had all-season tires -Goodyear Vector 4Seasons-, standard equipment for all Trail.It is the only concession that is made in the chassis, while the suspensions are maintained as in other models of its ranges, while, for example, they do not gain ground clearance.

Available with 2.0 Diesel engines of 130 and 170 hp, whether they are micro-hybridized or not -the difference in price for the same power is between 1,200 and 1,500 euros more for the mild hybrid-, the Transit Trails perform perfectly in conditions also complicated because they are helped by a short development in the first gear of your manual gearbox.
The Trail versions are easily distinguishable insofar as their front end has a large grille with the Ford name superimposed -in the style of the Raptor pick-up-, as well as the specific 16″ wheels, footrests, protections… also functional elements . like the exterior mirrors -of enormous size- folding. Next to theleather upholstery of the seats or the steering wheel also with this trim, are part of the standard equipment of the Trail. As well as the Ford Pass Connect, the modem that allows you to have a Wi-Fi network; intelligent cruise control, pre-collision system, lane maintenance…
The price of the most economical Transit Trail is 32,773 euros for a Kombi L1 with the 130 hp EcoBlue engine.


traction The mLSD that all Transits have is developed in collaboration with Quaife , who already provided the limited-slip differential of the first Focus RS. It is a technology similar to that used also in later generations of the RS and ST versions and thatseeks to give more torque to the wheel that is in better condition to transfer it to the ground.

The all-wheel drive, for its part, can distribute up to 50 percent of the available thrust to each axis, locking that proportion, but also vary it automatically according to the grip. If it is incorporated, to the normal and eco driving modes that adjust the throttle response, steering assistance or change in different ways, two are added plus one to drive in mud or deep surfaces, with ruts -also snow- and another on slippery surfaces.

Active like the Fiesta and Focus

The range of Ford industrialists also includes the Tourneo Custom Active, a model that integrates with the family’s crossover-style passenger cars.
With an appearance marked by metallic gray wheel arches and lower bumper areas, large running boards, roof bars or a specific front grille , they stand out from other Tourneo Customs.
In this case , they are always configured for passengers and can provide up to eight seats, six in the two rear rows, always in individual seats. These seats can be placed in the direction of the march or face one with another row. It can also be eliminated if it is necessary to have a large loading surface, giving rise to using the seat anchors as fastening points for what is being transported. In any case,the trunk in both the Tourneo and Grand Tourneo versions -from one body to the other, 500 euros more for the longest- is considerably capacious : the difference in length between the two is defined by the wheelbase.
The Tourneo Active are available exclusively with the 185 hp Diesel engine, EcoBlue Diesel or EcoBlue Hybrid . That is, without or with 48-volt microhybridization, with a difference of 1,500 euros and, thus, with a C or eco-label. In the case of conventional versions , the standard manual gearbox can be replaced by an automatic one, which costs 2,200 euros . In the Tourneo Custom, on the other hand, the mLSD is optional: 600 euros.
We have been able to drive it with a manual gearbox, with smooth handling and in an elevated position that makes shifting between gears very comfortable, and verify that it is an agile and very fast van. In the city the start-stop is somewhat intrusive. In any case, on our tour the MHEV version consumed little, 7.5 l/100 km -according to the brand, the 48 volts save around 8 percent-, also surprising us by how comfortable and stable the long version is. . In his case, the tires were Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tires that in their brief performance on dirt-mud seemed to provide good traction.
Among the striking equipment of the Active are,in addition to its 8” screen for the infotainment system and with navigation, the remote functions of the Ford Pass Connect that can be completed with the Pro version for fleet owners: it allows knowing the location of the van, monitoring consumption, booking revisions, etc. .
Also surprising is the provision of seats with leather upholstery and electrical regulation for the driver.They are very high with respect to the asphalt and the floor of the car. The driving position would improve if the steering wheel could take a greater angle in its height adjustment, but even without it, it is a car in which the adaptation is easy. The price of the Tourneo Custom Active starts at 47,260 euros if you choose the variant with the non-hybrid engine and manual transmission; while the most expensive – Grand Tourneo variant, with automatic gearbox – is 50,260 euros.

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