The Junta de Andalucia has released a new logo for its corporate image.The government presided over by Juanma Moreno has changed what is known as the “umbrella” for the “A” of Andalucia.
The Andalusian executive has specified that it is an initial renewal with an investment of 14,500 euros for a gradual renewal of the corporate image of the Junta de Andalucia. The Government presents the change of the logo as ” responsible with the economy, respectful of the history of Andalusia, adapted to current times and kind to the environment”.
The design advanced by this newspaper already resembled the one presented officially, theA de Andalucia was already emerging as a hallmark of the Exchange Executive (PP-Cs).
Turning 40 is a good reason to renew. I hope you like my new image.
– Junta de Andalucia (@AndaluciaJunta) January 30, 2020
With the public presentation of the new corporate image, we wanted to review the evolution of the symbol that represents the Government of the Andalusian community since its first version (1982 ) to the new version that will be progressively incorporated into all areas of management as of February 2020.
In reality, there have been four changes to the symbol observed over time. At first it started from the adoption of the shieldas a symbol of the Junta de Andalucia, and this was modified (1985), simplifying it and adopting green for the first time as the corporate color of the Junta de Andalucia.
It is in 1997 when the Junta de Andalucia decides to incorporate a new graphic image, which is based on the review and updating of its symbols, on the one hand, giving greater prominence to the name ‘Junta de Andalucia’, and on the other, incorporating elements that are linked among themselves they provided a more current, dynamic and coherent image with the action of government and the provision of services, as recognized by the Board itself in its Corporate Identity Manual.

What did the logo of the Junta de Andalucia represent

The triangle and the wavesthat has arrived as a symbol until this last revision, represented the same original shield although simplified in a generic symbol : The flag is represented in the semicircular arch that expands in waves projected outwards and the Hercules, “concentrated in the triangle that points to the North like a compass”, as stated in the aforementioned manual.
With this symbology it was intended to represent the “new Andalusia, which is committed to the future and is in constant communication with new trends and technologies, which does not renounce its history, its culture and its roots”.
Around this symbol, the Junta de Andalucia developed an entire brand imageto identify the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, which we have seen countless times in organizations and institutional campaigns and which has now been decided to change.
The only exceptions allowed by the Board for not using its symbol until now were RTVA and its affiliated companies, 061, given its national character and the ‘Andalucia’ brand that brings together activities related to Andalusia’s tourist projection.

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