If there is an accessory that combines well with the best summer looks, it is undoubtedly sneakers. After having made the leap from sports to street style thanks to influencers like Maria Pombo incorporating them into their street outfits, sneakers are more fashionable than ever.
If the influencers discovered them for us for day-to-day looks, now they are the ones who discover us the new low costsneakers that are sweeping the influencers. Originally they were created to play golf, they are from Decathlon and they are the new viral phenomenon among influencers.
This summer the influencers are discovering really amazing trends for us, all very comfy, by the way. With them we have discovered that espadrilles for guest looks are much better than heels and with them we reaffirm that sneakers are the most comfortable , practical, functional and versatile footwear in history. Hence, Decathlon’s low cost sneakers are the new viral phenomenon among influencers. Whether they are for the sports routine (which is really what they were created for) or to combine them with your summer looks, Decathlon

‘s low cost sneakers are the new signing that you should not miss. These are the Decathlon shoes that triumph among influencers

The shoes marketed by the Decathlon company (which have a price of 49.99 euros) have become one of the most used by influencers. Not without justification, because these sneakers created for sports practice have a very versatile design that can be combined with day-to-day outfits. In fact, influencers like Dulceida (a super fan of sneakers) have published several posts on her Instagram showing how to combine them in any situation.
These shoes are designed with a cleated sole with great grip, which makes them ideal for practicing sports such as golf. In addition, she offers a design that has not left anyone indifferent thanks to itscentral piece of neon color, one of the colors most in trend during this summer season.
As if that were not enough, Decathlon offers great comfort in these shoes, thanks to the proportions of their soles, which make us gain several centimeters without losing comfort and without having to resort to heels. Decathlon golf shoes are available both on its website and in all the company’s physical stores.

The influencers’ shoes, available in three colors

This new product from the French brand has been announced by fashion influencers in its snow white colour, however, it is available in up to 3 more colours:currant pink, which are at a sale price of 34.99 euros, navy blue/rose quartz and beige/sepia. The sizes available in stock range from number 36 to 41 , depending on the stock and the chosen model.
Its division into 3 parts provides a grip to the maximum of its possibilities. Another of the qualities that we most look for in this type of shoe is that it provides great breathability, and this product more than achieves this thanks to its 3d mesh material that improves the ventilation of these shoes. In addition, its use, either on a daily basis or for sports practice, also provides great movement given its light weight.

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