Inspiration comes to fashion from any era, moment or place, especially this season. In addition to the usual trends, this season the dress with a 70s print stands out, which is present in all the collections of our favorite firms. Although there is a source of inspiration that comes back every summer and that, without a doubt, is one of our favorites. It is about the Mexican inspiration, which this summer comes from the hand of Zara’s embroidered tunic and is a dream come true for lovers of ethnic fashion .
It already happened with the most trendy fuchsia pink dress that Zara reinvents every summer, once they launched it it was a real revolution. Something similar has happened with the Mexican-inspired embroidered tunic, which is so beautiful, that lovers of ethnic fashion are already planning to wear it with the most fashionable summer rope sandals.
Tunics are to summer what knitted dresses are to winter, an essential basic that makes comfort the most inspiring sign of style. So far this season we have seen them in multiple versions, but since we don’t understand summer without Mexican culture inspiring our outfits, this embroidered tunic from Zara seems like a dream .
White and with super cheerful and colorful Mexican-inspired embroidery , the Zara tunic has a midi length and a French sleeve. It is made of cotton , a super comfortable and cool fabric for summer looks.It has a V-neckline and both the sleeves and the bottoms (as well as the central area of ​​the chest) have some super ideal little lace-ups.
All these ingredients make Zara’s embroidered tunic a dream come true for lovers of Mexican-inspired looks , who see the garment as the best of allies for the most irresistible summer outfits.

Its embroideries give the tunic a plus of style , the cotton fabric makes it super comfortable and fresh and the Mexica inspiration invites us to bet on the Zara tunic in as many contexts as we want to mark the summer look.

This is Zara’s embroidered tunic of Mexican inspiration
Don’t let the tunic format fool you, Zara’s embroidered tunic is suitable for any style . You can bet on it for a slightly more sophisticated beach look (especially if you plan to make a book for Instagram), but you can also wear it any summer night mounted on super colorful sandals . You just have to roll up the sleeves a bit to give it a chic touch and that’s it.
As with other new season garments, Zara’s embroidered tunic is a completely timeless design , since Mexican inspiration is always present in the world of fashion and that is something we love. Hence you can wear this tunic this and all the summers that we have left.

Available from size XS to XXL , Zara’s embroidered tunic is priced at 49.95 euros.

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