The Kitchen and Mosto Contest coincides this year with the Bridge

More than 20 gastronomic activities for the

Angeles Peiteado Bridge We
summarize here some of the proposals for these festive days in the province.
New projects
The chefs Mario Montero and Ruben Dorantes

Catering with added value

Pepe Monforte
The chefs Mario Montero and Ruben Dorantes set up an original company in the old El Coto restaurant that combines a function room with the preparation of pre-cooked gourmet meals for restaurants.
Autumn wine
Interior of the Obregon winery

Places to drink must in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Pepe Monforte
This young wine can be tasted every day in more places. This year there is also a gastronomic route dedicated to him.
Eating with children
The mothers who pamper

seal The mothers who pamper seal

Angeles Peiteado
An Algeciras breastfeeding support association wants to create a badge to recognize restaurants that facilitate breastfeeding or activities with children.
The guide to Cadiz bread (chapter 2)
Specialties of the Isabel Fuentes bakery in Villamartin

Eleven bakeries to visit on the East Coast and in the Sierra de Cadiz

In them it is possible to find artisan bread made with different types of flour.
Cadiz in the Michelin Guide
Juanlu in the Jerez of wonders

The fifth Michelin star in the province, for LU Cocina and Alma

Angeles Peiteado
Lu Cocina and Alma (Jerez) manage to enter the guide through the front door in Lisbon before completing its first year, while Angel Leon retains the three stars of Aponiente and that of Alevante (Chiclana).
Cadiz at the Madrid Gastronomic Forum
Aponiente, La Cremita and Lu Cocina and Alma will be at the Madrid Fusion

Aponiente, La Cremita and Lu Cocina and Alma will be at the Madrid Fusion

Angeles Peiteado
Angel Leon will invite us to forget everything we know about salt, Juanlu Fernandez will talk about his French sauces with an Andalusian accent and La Cremita, about breads tailored to chefs.
Very personal hoteliers
Antonio Lombardo, making one of his pizzas.

Antonio Lombardo, “the dough man”

Paula Alaez
After three years at the helm of La Fieera de San Fernando, the owner and chef of the Italian restaurant continues to search for the perfect pizza.
New experiences
This is what the academy facilities look like Spanish is taught

with tomato soup

Angeles Peiteado
A Spanish academy for foreigners is born in Rota that teaches the language through gastronomy, with courses that range from a week to a few hours and that include visits to the Cádiz market.
Musto Guide
Mosto in Sanlucar

10 places to go for musts in Sanlucar
The charming taverns are spread throughout the upper neighborhood of Sanlucar and to this we must add other unique places such as Er Guerrita or Pena La Corina where it is still possible to accompany the wine with cooked potatoes, a tradition of the city.

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