Even the greats make mistakes. There is a ghost hovering in Carlo Ancelotti ‘s career . He has the features, the stride and the talent of Thierry Henry . Today the two are colleagues. The first is one of the most successful coaches in the history of football. The second and a few months ago the new coach of his Monaco. Yet twenty years ago the Italian coach and the French boy met in Turin, for a few months at Juventus . Negative brackets in the glorious palmares of both. Ancelotti, renamed successful loser in black and white. Titi, meteor liquidated too quickly and then regretted for years.
Henry and Ancelotti at Juventus
January 19, 1999a 21-year-old young man, new world champion with France, very fast ball at his feet but still immature in front of goal, landed at Madama’s court. Juventus bought Henry from Monaco for about 11.5 million euros. An important investment for one of the twins of the goal on the French Riviera together with Trezeguet . But that is another story, still early for the black and white colors. Thierry, on the other hand, arrived for Juventus with great expectations. Lippi’s team was in deep crisis. The first cycle of the Tuscan technician was winding down. After winning everything, something was broken, the serious injury to Del Piero had upset the plans of the season and Juventus had the worst season in decades.
Henry and Trezeguet in Monaco
It seemed as if we were reliving the disastrous epic of Gigi Maifredi in 1990 – 1991. The bianconeri were in the middle of the table, far from the Scudetto area and looking for fourth place in the Champions League. They will end with the play-off, lost, with Udinese for direct access to the Uefa Cup. They will restart with the Intertoto Cup and Ancelotti on the bench. Arrigo Sacchi’s dolphin was supposed to arrive in the summer. Piombera in Turin in February after the internal knockout with Parma and the resignation of Lippi. In that team, which practically hadn’t made the summer transfer market, some promises that were not kept came up alongside the senators ( Del Piero, Zidane, Inzaghi, Pessotto, Di Livio, Deschamps, Ferrara, Conte, Peruzzi, Davids ).
Juve with numbers in red in the 1998 – 1999 season . Full-
back Mirkovic from Atalanta. Goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis . Midfielders Simone Perrotta , Marco Rigoni and Jocelyn Blanchard . Forward Juan Esnaider, arrived in January as Henry. The French in black and white is a great tactical misunderstanding. Nobody notices that it is a pure tip that needs space around it. Lippi first, and Ancelotti then, use him on the wing. Left midfield winger or winger. The point is that in Italy you can’t play sideways if you don’t cover both phases of the game. Attack and defend, defend and attack. Henry needed field, freedom and time. Too much for a team that is used to winning and cannot wait.
Juan Esnaider, one of the great bianconero meteors
With Juventus, between league and cups, Henry plays 21 games with three goals. The only real trace of himself is left in the external blitz against Lazio at the Olimpico. A brace, facilitated by the duck ofMarchegiani, who will in fact deliver the Scudetto to Milan, snatching it from the Romans. The deflected shot on the net against Venezia will be his third goal. He leaves Italy in August of that year after the Intertoto return match against the Romanians of Ceahlaul . He is sold to Arsenal for 27 billion lire. Years later Henry himself revealed that I left Turin also due to disagreements with Moggi. The manager wanted to loan Titi to Udinese to get to Marcio Amoroso .

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