The National Police arrested last week a man who was mistreating his partner and who was in possession of a pistol pen. The 39-year-old woman had a wound in her mouth and was bleeding profusely when she was helped by the police. The events occurred around one in the afternoon on Holy Tuesday in a house on Calle Madrono, in Torreblanca. The agents went to this area requested by the 061 health emergency service, which had requested collaboration because there was a patient who was in a very aggressive state.
When they arrived at the home they saw that the patient was being treated, but at that moment they heard a detonation coming from a nearby house. At that moment they were notified by a group of people who warned that a strong brawl was taking place. The police arrived at the place indicated by the witnesses and saw a man who was hitting his partner in the face, who was cornered on the ground and asking for help. He had a profusely bleeding wound on his lower lip.
The agents reduced the alleged aggressor, whom they managed to separate from his wife and get out of the house. At that moment, the policemen observed how the suspect quickly reached into the side pocket of his pants. Before giving him a chance to get anything out, the officials managed to restrain him again and handcuff him. When they searched him, they found a pistol pen and five 22-caliber cartridges, as well as a cartridge case that had already been fired. The identity of the detainee responds to the initials Juan Carlos SH
While the police called for reinforcements, since a large number of people were gathering at the door of the house, both relatives of the suspect and the victim and onlookers, the detainee only knew how to say that he was going to kill more than one of those who was in the house. The agents were interested in the situation of the woman, who told them that she did not want to know anything about them and that it was only a couple’s argument. The policemen decided to take the detainee away and handed over the weapon to their colleagues at the Balisitica laboratory of the Scientific Police, so that they could examine it.
The pistol pen gave off a strong smell of gunpowder, so everything indicated that it was the weapon with which the shot that the police had heard had just been fired while they were providing support to the 061 toilets in another address of the same Street. In the chamber there was only one case without a projectile, one more indication that the weapon could have been fired shortly before. However, the police could not determine with certainty whether the suspect had opened fire with the pistol or not, since none of the witnesses to the events wanted to collaborate with the investigation.
This attitude is not strange in this area of ​​the Torreblanca neighborhood, the most conflictive. Madrono Street is one of the roads close to Plaza del Platanero, one of the most deprived areas of the city. Precisely here a neighbor of the neighborhood was beaten to death. The perpetrators of the homicide were four minors, widely known by residents in this part of Torreblanca, but it took the Police six months to arrest them and clarify the death because none of the neighbors wanted to collaborate for fear of reprisals from the aggressors or their families. .

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