Pit bulls are considered a potentially dangerous breed and for this reason, for years, thousands of dogs have been affected by the bad press they receive.Unfortunately, they are used on many occasions for street fights due to their peculiar physical characteristics: muscular neck and body, strong and powerful jaws and a medium but imposing size.
This is the case of Manchas, a pit bull terrier whose owners subjected him to harsh street fights during his first three years of life , did not feed him well and even developed skin cancer. He lived in chains until one day he managed to escape and was lucky enough to find a family that decided to take him in.
Spots hadn’t known love in three years. He hadn’t received a single caress, not a toy and he had never even slept in a decent bed, since his new family bought him a bed and his reaction broke their hearts.

When they gave him a bed he began to cry

When Abigail Castro, the woman who rescued Manchas, bought him his first bed, he couldn’t believe it and began to cry, thanking the gift with many licks.At that moment, Abigail was surprised at the reaction she had had, assuming that for a long time she had been sleeping on the ground in an open place (since she had wounds and insect bites).
In fact, when Spots saw the other beds of his other dogs, he did not go near them.but he looked at them curiously, that being the reason why he decided to buy one for her. Manchas lay down and tears began to come out of his eyes, leaving the photo to remember.
Manchas’s new owner told him that he deserved it because he was an exemplary dog, he behaved very well and was too brave despite his past life.
Abigail told the Bunko page that when Manchas got home he was in a very bad state: “he had many wounds, his fur was very unkempt and his eyes reflected a lot of sadness .”
She decided to take him to the vet and was told that he needed treatment because he had skin cancer and was very malnourished. Initially I looked for its owners through social networks thinking that it would be a lost dog, but a Facebook user told her it was from neighbors who used it for street fights. Even so, contact with them and not showing interest decided to take responsibility for him and adopt him.
Thanks to Abigail, Manchas has the life he deserves.

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