Short women sometimes have a problem. Although we love our small size, there are times when we have a hard time adapting to some of the seasonal trends. Especially if it is about pants, since with flower dresses we have no problem (nothing that the most fashionable shoes and boots do not solve). But with the pants the same does not happen, that is why we are delighted with our latest discovery in Stradivarius .
It is about high pants with infinite legs effectthat have become the favorites of the short ones (word for a person who measures less than 1.60). But, what do these pants have to be the favorites of short girls

In addition to their price ( they are only worth 20 euros ) and that they are available in 7 colors, Stradivarius pants have the gift of making infinite legs. Yes, how do you read

With a super high waist (do we need to repeat all the goodness of high waists
), Stradivarius pants are presented in a wide leg design , a cut that already laid the foundations last year of what would be a trend and currently continues being super fashionable (thanks to the Universe for such wonderful happiness). In the case of the Stradivarius high-rise pants,That they are wide leg is a plus when it comes to achieving that infinite legs effect that short girls like so much.
If the super high waist achieves the visual effect of greatly lengthening the legs , the wide leg cut finishes off that effect, making short girls gain a few centimeters with these pants and look much more stylized.
In the case of the Stradivarius high-rise pants , in addition to being a super garment due to the infinite legs effect that is achieved with them, short girls also love them because they are only worth 20 euros and are available in 7 colors and that can only mean one thing:Stradivarius high pants are going to be the new uniform of the season . Their price, all their shades and how versatile they are contribute to the fact that short girls (and tall ones) are going to make these pants our wild card for all our outfits.
For an office look, for a meal with friends, for a date… Stradivarius’ high-rise pants with infinite legs effect are here to stay and to make short girls’ looks simpler . Now you just have to choose the color (or colors) in which we will sign the Stradivarius high pants with infinite legs effect.

This is how high Stradivarius pants are
Available in red, black, stone, ecru, green, gray and terracotta and from size 32 to 44, the Stradivarius high-rise trousers are priced at 19.99 euros.

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