When we want to adopt a dog in our family, one of the biggest inconveniences that we sometimes have is the amount of hair that it can shed. We cannot fool ourselves, animals shed hair. It is something completely normal and we must know that if we want to have a pet we will have hair on our clothes.
In the case of dogs there are more than 300 different breeds, but nevertheless among these breeds there are some that shed more hair than others. Hair loss is therefore something that we cannot avoid, but we can do things to minimize hair loss. For example, if the dog is stressed, he has a poor diet (here we leave you a list of foods that your dog should not eat) or an allergy, it is more likely that he will fall more frequently. If you already have a dog and you see that there is a problem with his hair, consult your veterinarian so that he can recommend a suitable supplement or product. Remember that you always have to brush your pets!

Breeds that shed little

Water dog : Both the Spanish water dog and the Portuguese water dog are two breeds with hard and curly coats.. In fact, it is its greatest feature. They lose very little hair and their maintenance is very easy and the curl protects them from weather conditions.

Doberman Pinscher : These dogs have short, fine hair . They are usually black with reddish spots and having shiny hair is one of their hallmarks. This dog has hair similar to that of pointers and their different varieties (weimar, german or hungarian).

Maltese Bichon : This small breed has two varieties: short-haired and long-haired . Although at first glance it seems that his hair is easy to fall out, the truth is that his hair is strong and is considered hypoallergenic., so it is an ideal dog for those who have some type of allergy to hair.

Schnauzer : It is a dog that has different sizes and its fur is wavy but hard, something that facilitates its care . They shed very infrequently and it is rare for them to drop, so if you see your Schnauzer go to the vet because he may have health problems.

Poodle : Although at first glance it seems that it is similar to that of the water dog because of the curls, the truth is that it has soft hair that tends to tangle easily , so you have to help it keep it clean and take care of it by brushing it almost daily. .

Yorkshire Terrier:Although these dogs do not suffer from much hair loss, the truth is that they can become problematic due to the number of knots that can be created by the body and the great dirt they accumulate.
After this list, would you choose any

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