The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has concluded its market control campaign for sun protection products and published its conclusions.
Thus, the AEMPS has requested the withdrawal of those sunscreens with a greater degree of non-compliance with their characteristics compared to what is advertised on their labels. Companies with products whose sun protection factor (SPF) does not correspond to the label but have a high protection SPF must recall the lots and carry out additional studies.
The objective of this marking control campaign focused on sunscreens with SPF 50 or SPF 50+ with innovative forms such as very light creams, mists and sprays.. In order for the sample to be representative, 19 products from companies of different sizes and origins (Spanish, European and non-EU) and products of different price ranges were chosen.
As a result of the results, the AEMPS has initiated different actions based on the difference between the results obtained in the tests and the claim on its labeling.

Sun creams that must be withdrawn

The Agency has urged companies to voluntarily withdraw batchesand has asked them to carry out additional tests on other batches to verify the safety of the products. The same action has been required for products in which an FPS value of less than 60 has been obtained and 50+ was claimed, which is the very high protection category.
These are the sun creams that the AEMPS recommends that brands withdraw from the market :
‘Les Cosmetiques sun ultimate sensitive SPF 50+ sun spray for sensitive skin’ from Carrefour Shopping Centers, SA
‘Belle&Sun invisible sun mist SPF 50’ from Perseida Belleza.
‘Isdin photoprotector fusion water SPF 50. ISDIN facial photoprotector for daily use.
Farline sun spray SPF 50+ 200 mL Very high protection from Farline Comercializadora de Productos Farmaceuticos SA
Babaria sun mist protective SPF 50 from Berioska.
Seesee transparent sunscreen SPF 50+ from Cosmetrade.
Piz Buin hydro infusion gel sunscreen SFP 50 High protection from Johnson & Johnson Sante Beaute.
Ladada sensitive leather SPF 50+ from STADA Arzneimittel AG.
Lancaster sun sensitive luminous tan comfort cream SPF 50+ by Coty.
Abelay Sunscreen FPS50 from Ab7 cosmetics.
Mussvital photoprotective spray ultra light 50+ spray from Peroxfarma.
Eucerin sun protection sensitive protect sun spray transparent dry touch SPF 50 alta from Beiersdorf AG.
Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydratation® Solar Mist air soft® SPF 50+ (High) by Wilkinson Sword.
Australian gold SPF Botanical SPF 50 continuous spray by Biorius.
The AEMPS recalls that no incidents of sunburn related to any of these products have been reported to the Spanish Cosmetovigilance System. The use of sun protection products helps prevent skin cancer and that, to guarantee safe exposure to the sun, it is important to follow the recommendations published by the AEMPS on sun protection.

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