Smell is one of the five senses that makes us perceive pleasant, delicious or unpleasant smells. Dogs use scent to communicate with other dogs and also have their own scent pads, ears and anus. They have this sense up to 10,000 times more sensitive than the sense of humans , making it the most developed of all.
Smells that may seem pleasant to humans may not be liked by dogs, and it may also be the other way around. Just as there are foods that are healthier than others for them, there are smells that we often include in our day to day life that can irritate our furry’s nose or even put his life and health in danger.
For this reason, today at Mascotissimas, we teach you which odors dogs generally do not tolerate.

Smells that dogs can’t stand

-Vinegar: This product has a very strong smell for dogs and even for some humans. On many occasions, white vinegar is used in its pure state or diluted in a liter of (warm) water as a natural canine repellent.It must be recognized that, although its virtues for home care are now proclaimed, its smell stings the nostrils in humans and even more so in dogs.

-Perfumes: Have you ever tried spraying cologne on your dog
has probably run in the opposite direction, wanting to run away from that smell. UsuallyThey have a large number of chemical ingredients and can irritate your respiratory tract, in addition to confusing you . They know us thanks to our body odor and a perfume could confuse them.

-Citrus smell: Although this smell is very common in homes, it is very different for furry friends since it becomes unbearable and can even cause irritation in the respiratory tract . Citrus fruits like lemon or orange are unbearable for them (although surely if they see an orange in the park and think they can play with it, things change, right

-Cleaning products:The odors of these perfumed, ammonia and intense products are not only hated by animals but can also become very toxic . For this reason it is important that when the house is thoroughly cleaned, it is done with products that do not harm animals or that you keep it far away from them to avoid irritation or poisoning in the stomach.

-Alcohol: This is another of the smells that dogs can’t stand. although it will really affect more or less depending on the degrees that the alcohol contains . We are not only talking about alcohol as a drink but also as an antiseptic, that is why it is not recommended to apply it to dogs with wounds.

-Pepper, chilli, chili, garlic:These spicy foods contain a series of chemical compounds that produce an especially unpleasant odor for dogs . Inhaling this smell directly can cause itchy nose, constant sneezing and even irritation in the respiratory tract.

-Tobacco: Dogs not only can’t stand its smell, but also the smoke can seriously affect their health. Tobacco could turn them into secondhand smokers and damage their lungs, cause weight gain, or even give them cancer.

-Nail polish and nail polish remover: If its chemical compounds make the smell extremely strong for humans, imagine for a dog whose smell is 10,000 times more sensitive.Many of them also have alcohol, so it is very important to keep them away from our furry friends or buy other cosmetics that do not have acetone.

-Naphthalene : Naphthalene is not only one of the odors that dogs hate the most, it is also highly toxic for them to the point that if they ingest any of the balls it can cause death, so we will have to avoid its use or at least keep them out of reach.

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