With the start of the new year, public aid is renewed and once again gives way to various calls. Of course, to apply for any of them you have to be very aware of the publication and closing date, since not all of them open in January, in fact, the aid is progressively announced throughout the year .
Some of the most important, because they are the most demanded annually, are the following:

Minimum Vital Income

With the aim of preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion, the IMV was approved on May 29, 2020, coming into force on June 1 of the same year. Since its approval, there are many people in Spain who have applied for this public benefit, which, in addition,It does not have a call date, but is active throughout the year .
To find out if the situation of a citizen is compatible with this aid, all that must be done is to consult the bases of the law, in which the terms in which this benefit will be granted are clarified.


aid Unemployment aid is not the same as the IMV, since the latter implies a greater situation of vulnerability. In addition, within the unemployment aid there is a wide variety of benefits that, depending on the situation, must be demanded.
Among them is the contributory unemployment benefit, the subsidy for people over 52, the subsidy for insufficient contributions, the family assistance subsidy, the subsidy for people over 45, theExtraordinary Unemployment Subsidy (SED) , the Active Insertion Income (RAI), the subsidy for returned emigrants, the subsidy for those released from prison, the subsidy for disability review, the extraordinary benefit for artists, the voluntary return, the agricultural subsidy , agricultural income or bonuses for the hiring of long – term unemployed .

Aid for the self-employed

The self-employed, one of the groups hardest hit by the pandemic, have some aid from the State, and each one of them has its deadlines, its nuances and its conditions. Some of the aid available to the self-employed are the ordinary benefit for cessation of activity , theextraordinary benefits for the self-employed affected by the coronavirus crisis , the self-employed flat rate, the capitalization of unemployment, among others.

Scholarships and study

grants Scholarships are one of the most demanded public benefits in which more public money is usually invested. There are all kinds of study scholarships for all levels, including mandatory ones.
Of course, you have to be very aware of the call date , since they open and close throughout the year as the school year approaches.

Aid for the family

Among the bonuses given to families in vulnerable situations are aid for large families, aid for a dependent child,aid to single mothers and the family in general or the family aid subsidy (with family responsibilities) . The Minimum Vital Income would also fall within this category of aid.

Aid for Gender Violence

Although they are few, there are currently two types of aid that protect women who have suffered or are suffering from gender violence, these are the Active Insertion Income (RAI) and the single payment aid .

Other aids

There are, in addition to those mentioned, an endless number of aids for all kinds of situations, so it is best to carry out a quick search for the benefit that best suits the situation one is experiencing.
Among them is therent payment assistance (depending on each Autonomous Community); aid for emigrants returned to Spain ; aid for young people, such as the cultural voucher of €400 planned for 2022, among others.

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