The largest snakes in the world belong to two families: Boas and pythons. As a curiosity, these two families have a common factor: they are not poisonous but they are constrictors (this means that they kill their prey by suffocating them by surrounding them with their muscular body and squeezing them until they are out of breath).
In the world there are more than 3,000 species of snakes, but the ones that we are going to show you today from Mascotissimas are the largest in the world according to Venomous Snakes.

Largest snakes in the world

-Australian amethyst python: Surpassing the Indian python and the python Tigrina, this snake is the fifth largest on the planet. It lives deep in the forests of Australia and New Guinea. As a general rule, they can be seen in the trees, at a height of up to 30 meters with the aim of resting or hunting.
It can reach up to 5 meters. In the past it was hunted in a discriminatory way for its skin, but today there are many laws that protect it and severely penalize this act.

-Burma python: It has its origin in India and Nepal, although later they were taken to the United States by animal traffickers and sold as pets; but when they grew up and were not able to keep them anymore, they were released in a national park. The species, having no natural predators, prospered and became a plague, whichis ending the lives of native animals .

It is the largest snake in India and number four in the world . Its average size is 4 meters in the wild. It is coveted as a pet in several countries, but it is not a harmless snake.

-African rock python or Seba python: It is a species of python that lives in Africa and the United States as a pet . On many occasions, the owners are not able to continue maintaining them and release them, which has caused a plague in the country. It is the largest snake in Africa and the third largest on the planet.
It measures an average of 5 meters long and there are records that it can swallow prey of 60 kilograms.. His behavior is docile and almost always does not represent a danger to people.

-Reticulated Python: Lives in South Asia.It is the longest snake on the planet with about 6 meters in length, although specimens of up to 8 meters have been found. You can swim great distances . Even with its size it is a very agile snake that can hunt very agile prey such as unsuspecting monkeys or deer. In captivity this snake can live 25 years .

-Green Anaconda or common anaconda: It is a constrictor snake that belongs to the Boas family and lives in the tropical rivers of South America. This is the snake with the title of the big one. It rivals the reticulated python for the title of longest.
Female anacondas measure an average of 4.30 to 5.30 meters in length. On the other hand, males only reach 3 to 4 meters. Even so, these animals can measure much more, for example a snake killed in Venezuela was about 7 meters long .
Young anacondas like to be in the trees but as they get older they stop doing it. Adults spend their time in calm waters where they wait for their prey to approach to drink water.

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