Nearly 300,000 people in Spain will benefit from the new decision that the coalition government has taken regarding interim workers. The PSOE and Podemos , with the agreement of the ERC and PNV , within the processing of the law of stabilization of the public function in the Congress of Deputies, have agreed that the interns who have been occupying the same position uninterruptedly since 2016 will be fixed without the need to go through new oppositions.
This measure seeks to put an end to temporary employment in public administrations, a problem that has been occurring in Spain for years and for which, as yet, they had not found a sustainable solution.
The requirement to be a beneficiary of the measure is to have been occupying the same public position since January 1, 2016 and that there has been no type of work interruption. These people, yes, will have to achieve a place in the merit contest , being able to skip a new call for oppositions.
This not only means a reduction to five years from the ten initially required by the Ministry of Finance, but also gives the possibility of consolidating the fixed position automatically.
The information comes from an agreement that was published last Thursday by the Ministry of Finance and seeks to increase the coverage of eventualities in administrations and public companies. In this way, the participating parties PSOE, United We Can, ERC and PNV have unified their amendments for the vote on the new law of stabilization in the public function that will be produced in Congress.
The new measure reduces to five years the ten initially required by the Ministry of Finance to obtain a fixed position in the Public Administration
The Basque formation has declared to RTVE that “the Administration will offer by way of competition not only those places that in the last five years have not had a career holder or civil servant, but will also be able to offer places that, without that seniority, are occupied by interim staff with a seniority in the Administration of more than five years in that situation “.
The labor reform process in this matter reached Congress in July with the Royal Decree-law to reduce temporary employment in the Public Administration, a plan that seeks to give stability, before the end of 2024, to almost 300,000 interim workers who have been chaining interim contracts for decades. The amendment also wants to establish legal changes so as to avoid, through sanctions and dissuasive measures, returning to this situation with the interim.

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