Despite the fact that the incidence of infections has skyrocketed in recent weeks, the return to school seems to be done as normally as possible .
During the Interterritorial Council on Tuesday, January 2, it was decreed that on January 10 the classrooms would return to Andalusia , thus ruling out remote classes. The only measures to be taken into account by schools are the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Families, according to Javier Imbroda, Minister of Education and Sports

Main covid measures for Andalusian schools
Andalusian educational centers, following the recommendations and guidelines of the Ministry of Education, will have to adopt the following measures for returning to class:
The centers will have to have hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance and exit of the center and in the classrooms. The use of a surgical and reusable mask
mandatory when traveling through the center or from the classroom.
Only those who have an accredited health problem will be exempt from wearing a mask . Objects or school material
may not be shared . Those with symptoms
will not be able to join . Fonts
cannot be used.

, just a bottle of water.
Limit elevator use and encourage the use of stairs.

Safety distance of 1.5 meters , except for coexistence groups. If five students or 20% of the class

test positive in the classroom , the rest of the classmates will have to quarantine whether or not they are vaccinated.
Javier Imbroda has defended his position in favor of attendance, ensuring that classes in Andalusian educational centers are being a success. It also says that thanks to all the established measures, 96% of educational centers are free of covid . The counselor also praises massive vaccination of children under 12 years of age that has been carried out in Andalusia. Measures for universities

The future of university classes
was also discussed at the Interterritorial Council . Initially, all the schedules and classes that had already been established are maintained. The Minister of Universities, Rogelio Velasco, has explained that university campuses are completely safe places as long as the health regulations to combat the coronavirus continue to be complied with.
Regarding the situation of schools at the national level, only 1.58% of classrooms were confined before Christmas. These are data provided by the Ministry of Education, and that come from last December 23, when omicron had already been in Spain for some time.

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