Last Wednesday the final bonfires of the fourth and last edition of the Telecinco reality show, The Island of Temptations, took place. In this program the contestant couples finally saw their faces after weeks of separation.It was not just any final bonfire, given that viewers were facing one of the editions with the greatest impact of the four broadcast, in which only two of the five participating couples have remained faithful.
One of the couples that has generated the most controversy was the one made up of Dario and Sandra, which did not even reach the final confrontation given Sandra’s repeated infidelities to her boyfriend, which occurred both inside and outside the island.

What couples continue after the end of the program

The answer after the end of the bonfires is summed up in a simple sentence: only one of the five initial couples continues to be after the broadcast of the final bonfires. We refer to Josue and Zoe, who left hand in hand after the various tests their relationship had passed. Even Tania and Alejandro decided to take opposite paths despite the love they professed before entering the island, because Tania felt that something was broken inside her after comments made by the couple.
After the broadcast of the last final bonfire and discovering how many couples decided to stay together after passing through the program, only the program that closes The Island of Temptations: the reunion remains. In this broadcast, viewers will be able to see the reunion of the couples after six months since they left the contest. Telecinco has already broadcast some images of this long-awaited reunion, in which it can be seen how Zoe and Josue are still together; as Gal┬Ěla and Nico it seems that they are still at the final stake, with recriminations and reproaches towards the other member of the now ex-couple; In addition to Nico appearing in a loving attitude with Miriam, with whom he could currently maintain a relationship.
In another of the previews broadcast about the reunion we can seeSandra and Dario, who seem to have forgiven each other. Dario’s words about second chances leave in the air the question of whether he is talking about the relationship or if, on the contrary, they have come to forgive each other and move on with their lives. As for Alvaro and Sabela, they will appear together in the reunion, so the return to the relationship with Rosario seems non-existent. To finish, Tania and Alejandro will be the ones to close the reunion by appearing hand in hand , in a decision that has surprised the followers of the reality show, since it seems to foreshadow that, despite everything, they have decided to start their relationship again. We will have to wait for the reunion to fit all the pieces about what happened to the couples in this fourth edition of The Island of Temptations.

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