Spending on gasoline is usually something that we do not usually take care of. If we can fill our deposit in the cheapest way possible, over several months we will be able to save a lot of money . For this reason, with a view to the next trips that are planned, we compile which are the cheapest gas stations in Seville among those known as low-cost gas stations to further adjust fuel prices to the maximum possible savings.

Cheap gas stations to fill with diesel

The cheapest diesel gas station in Seville is currently in Pino Montano, specifically Astronomia street. Its name is Moove and it opens from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. Its price per liter is €1,255.
On the other hand, at the low cost gas station with the cheapest diesel in the entire province, we will have to go to Pedrera, on Santo Cristo Avenue. Although it only opens from 7 in the morning to 9 at night, throughout the week, its price per liter is €1,039.

Diesel Premium

The cheapest premium diesel gas station in Seville is located on a service road in Parque Alcosa. Its price: €1,306 per litre.
If we want the best price in the entire province for premium diesel, we will also have to go to the Pedrera gas station mentioned above. Its price per liter is €1,099.

Cheapest gas station to fill with unleaded 95
To find the cheapest gasoline of this type, you currently have to go to the Moove gas station, which has a price per liter in this case of €1,375.
At the provincial level, the Campsa de Pedrera gas station repeats itself with the lowest prices per liter. in this case it is 1.076.

Unleaded 98

The cheapest unleaded 98 gasoline is found at Pino Montano on Avenida Ingenieria. Its price is €1,535 per liter and it opens 24 hours a day.
As for the province of Seville, the cheapest gas station is in Ecija. Its price is €1,399 per litre.


For biodiesel, the cheapest gas station is in Seville East at a price of €1,269 per liter.
In Utrera there is the cheapest biodiesel gasoline in all of Seville with a price of €1,259 per liter.

Diesel trucks

The Repsol gas station located on the Cadiz highway is the cheapest for this type of gasoline in Seville. It has a price per liter of €0.899.
In the entire province of Seville, the gas station with the cheapest diesel is in El Coronil with a price of 0.765.

Fuel prices

Filling the tank this week is 30.5% more expensive than a year ago in the case of gasoline and 33.5% higher in the case of diesel.
Filling the gas tank with 55 liters to travel on this December bridge now costs 83 euros, almost 20 euros more than a year ago, while in the case of refueling with diesel it amounts to 75.7 euros, about 19 euros more than in the same week of November 2020.
Before last Easter, both fuels had already recovered pre-pandemic levels. So far this year, the average price of a liter of gasoline has risen by 27.4% , while that of diesel has risen by 28.7%.

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