already said , “we cannot make an omelette without breaking the eggs”. In this case, the OCU has taken it upon itself to break with tradition in the kitchen and has launched a list of the best recommended potato omelettes . Society lives in a constant frenzy, behind are elaborate recipes, hours peeling potatoes and beating eggs. The pace of work and life have caused good customs to be lost and the population has to resort to this type of food.
Precooked foods are foodscooked that are marketed packaged and refrigerated. For its consumption, it requires prior heating in the microwave without the need for extensive handling and often in the container itself; its expiration date is 2-3 months . There are countless ways to make a good potato omelette and the big brands launch into the seas of ingenuity to find the perfect omelette. In this sense, the Organization of Consumers and Users , always defending consumer rights and trying to create a transparent and fair consumer society, has recently analyzed 15 precooked potato and onion tortillasto know which are the tastiest. In other words, an elaborate delicacy of the Gods that can now be enjoyed in a few minutes.
The OCU is constantly analyzing products and their characteristics to offer consumers the best option when it comes to consuming and satisfying their basic needs. In this latest study, specialists have stated that, although it is a predominant food, this type of product is better prepared in the microwave rather than in a frying pan , where the potatoes are more whole. In addition, it is essential to choose the right product and not be guided by cheaper prices.

The best precooked tortillas

The specialists who have carried out the study have warned thatThe best thing is to enter the world of the kitchen and make the recipes of a lifetime with fresh and quality products. However, the lack of time and the little gastronomic domain of some users, make the consumption of this type of precooked food essential. For the OCU and its specialists, these are the best options :

The potato omelette with free-range eggs and caramelized onion from La Cocina de Aldi (1.99 euros/500g)

The potato omelette with onion from Aldi supermarkets stands out among the 15 best precooked tortillas that the OCU has analyzed. For specialists, it is, without a doubt, the best pre-cooked tortilla that can be found in supermarkets.

The Fuentetaja potato and onion omelette (from 2.59 euros/600g)

Fuentetaja completes its range of omelettes with products such as fresh, pasteurized, flavored omelettes, with free-range eggs , stuffed and a wide variety of different formats. Also prepared as an omelette.

Hacendado’s potato and onion omelette (1.85 euros/600g) The quintessentialMercadona

brand , Hacendado , has managed to complete one of the best knees that can be enjoyed in the pre-cooked area. The potato and onion omelette is joined by other highly successful ones such as the chorizo omelette .

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