In life there are things that cannot be chosen, such as family, but over the years we are forced to make important decisions that end up influencing our happiness . What to study
Who to go out with

or not marry
Do I want to have children
Where do I want to live and how
Fourteen and a half million households live in a house they own (paid, inherited or mortgaged) compared to the 3.2 million who live for rent, but the trend, especially among young people, is to lengthen the rent as much as possible. By choice or by necessity

These are the

advantages and disadvantages of living for rent , according to the experts

Advantages of living for rent

Tradition in Spain marks that everyone aspires to buy their own home. Several generations have grown up with the philosophy that living for rent was wasting money, but living for rent also has several advantages and facilities that in the last decade has made up to 30% of Spaniards see renting as their priority option . They are as follows:
You do not need to have an excessive amount of money as an initial investment , something that is sometimes prohibitive when facing the purchase of a home ownership.

You must not face the burdenswhat it means to have a purchased home, such as the cost of the community, insurance, taxes, possible damage.

Living for rent is deductible in the Treasury , provided that a series of requirements are met.

Living for rent allows you greater flexibility when it comes to moving around different cities or temporarily settling in a destination for personal or work reasons.

Disadvantages of renting

If 30% of Spaniards see renting as their priority option when it comes to living, 37% continue to defend buying as the best alternative . Your reasons
are varied. Some from the economic point of view and others from the vital point of view.

the monthly rent. The price of rentals does not stop rising (almost 6%) and the Andalusian government has already warned not to limit rental prices
The percentage of income that households spend on rent exceeds that of mortgages. (28% compared to 24.3%).

Having to deal with the landlord , which can prevent the house from being to our liking in terms of reforms.

Home ownership offers greater security

Rent has no option to appreciate and become an investment , as is the case with purchased housing, which is rising by almost 10%, according to the Bank of Spain.

a personal decision
Thus, the things, analyzed the pros and cons of choosing to live for rent, the reality is that, beyond the economic connotations, there are a series of personal aspects that will influence, and a lot, when making the final decision. . Age, educational level, marital status or family situation will be decisive to rule out, or not, the rental.
Experts definitely consider that renting is presented as a great alternative in the short and medium term , but that in the long run it may have losing positive connotations with respect to the option of buying a home, hence there is a certain boom among young people.

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