Lidl presents a new star product to the delight of the smallest of the house and given the background of the Teutonic brand, it promises to sell out quickly.
This is the Lexibook console, available with 150 classic games with each console plus 10 games exclusively licensed by the company. With a price drop of 34.99 euros to the current 19.99 euros, this console is only available on the Lidl website, so its sale in supermarkets is not available at the moment.

Lidl Game Boy

console The Lidl console, despite its cheap price of 19.99 euros, offers all the qualities so that all audiences can enjoy using it.It has a high resolution thanks to its 16-bit graphics technology.It is available in 3 models: Cars, Frozen and Spiderman, each one with its own games inside. It has a small weight of 165 grams and its dimensions, 15.5 x 5 x 25.5 cm, make it possible to handle it easily with both hands. It has a 3-year warranty and its appearance is reminiscent of the old consoles most used in our childhood.
In this way, Lidl expands its increasingly varied children’s range. The introduction of the Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArcade console is developed by the Lexibook brandand promises to become the game of the summer. Lexibook is a brand specialized in the manufacture and marketing of electronic entertainment products. Its commercialization includes the use of Disney licenses, as is the case of the console that allows the Lidl brand to have this product in 3 versions, depending on whether you choose Cars, Frozen or Spiderman.
This mini console has a great autonomy and its discount, up to 19.99 euros, makes it one of the opportunities of the moment to make children enjoy. Listed as a star product, it is an ideal product to introduce children to the world of video games safely.

Lidl expands its offer for children
This product is added to others from the supermarket chain called to run out soon. This is the case of the portable playground, for those adults who prefer activities focused on the movement of the little ones. The Lil’ Monkey brand playground has only 8 kg of weight with a small size of 118 by 170 centimeters. It can be located anywhere outside, such as swimming pools or gardens, so that children can enjoy the fresh air in turn.
The Lidl playground is at a price of only 99.99 euros with a discount on its original price, 129.99 euros, of 23% discount. It can be purchased through the Lidl website. Products with which the smallest of the house will enjoy in a big way.

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