Telecinco premieres a new edition of its successful program Isla de las Tentaciones . In this third installment, five other lucky couples in everything but love must put their feelings to the test in an oasis whose characteristics revolve around lust and the most forbidden temptations . The program, directed by Sandra Barneda , has already caused a sensation in the last two editions and the network has high hopes that the positive trend will be a constant in this new adventure.
After a casting to which thousands of couples appear throughout the national territory, the Island of Temptations 3 has already selected its 10 half orangesthat can end up succumbing to the pleasure and charms of other tropical fruits. Single women and men who will play passionately and interfere with couples are:

Single women.Alba, Jennifer, Stefany, Lara, Monica, Nahia, Susan, Carla, Mari and Bela.

Singles.Carlos, Iker, Simone, Xavi, Javi, Imanol, Victor, Toni and David.

Couples of The Island of Temptations 3

The program will start tonight so viewers should have more information about the couples that make up this new edition. Once the names of those who will be putting obstacles to love are known, all the time to know who are the ones who will put their relationship at stake :

Lola and Diego

Three years of relationship that are about to get stronger or be forgotten. These young people are already known from the small screen thanks to another of the Telecinco programs; Women and Men and vice versa . A man from Santander and a woman from Leon who found love and now want to put their feelings to the test. Diego ‘s mischief and the occasional kiss to women who are not his partner, Lola wants to go through this litmus test.

Lara and Hugo

More than four years together but if we count them together with the breakups they have had, they have probably been living together for a couple of months. They are both Galician and Hugo may sound like viewers of Big Brother 15, program in which I participate. The couple is willing not to end the streak and arrive at the Island of Temptations wanting to break up once again.

Claudia and Raul

The Canarian blood comes from this couple. Claudia and Raul arrive at the Island of Temptations after building their love on the pillars of an open relationship, an openness that reached such a point that conflicts emerged from all corners. Now, instead of calming down and meditating on a change of direction in sentimental sights, they dare to open wide the doors of desire .

Lucia and Manuel

The Andalusian representationI could not miss this new installment. This year in the absence of carnival, this couple is going to put the chirigotas. Three years of relationship in which jealousy and discussions have been a constant. For this reason, Lucia and Manuel are determined to get out of an Island of Temptations that smells of bastinazo .

Marina and Jesus

The other Andalusian couple who immerse themselves in this love affair. The Sevillians are one of the couples that has been together the longest, 5 years . For this reason, they have decided that it is fine and a change of scenery can not hurt to recover a spark that, without a doubt, is not a good idea to light it in the middle of a powder keg .

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