Innovate in the kitchen and surprise our family or guests. Those of us who approach the kitchen every day would like to change recipes , make those dishes that come out on Masterchef or on YouTube channels. Since the coronavirus health pandemic began, especially in the first months of confinement, visits to online cooking channels have increased, products for making desserts have also been sold out.
However, when we get into ‘ kitchen ‘ mode and we have chosen the recipe with which we want to surprise, we realize that in our kitchen we do not have half the ingredients. but internetIt is our ally even in this situation because there are several applications that help us cook with what we have in our pantry. That is, we can search for dishes to cook from the food we have at home.


This is a recipe platform that allows you to search by the name of the dish or by the necessary ingredients. In addition, if you register with Cookpad, you can share your own recipes, save the ones that interest you the most and add them to your cooking plan. The platform has a website and also an app to download on Android and IOS.

Noodle Easyand original

recipeswith the ingredients that we have in the pantry every day. In addition to the possibility, you can also navigate between the categories in which the dishes are grouped or those that set trends within Noodle, the most sought after, the ones that are new , etc. Finally, this website, which also has free applications to download, has a special section for vegetarians and vegans.


Point to the ingredients you have and Mooffin will provide you with a list of recipes you can make. Additionally, you can browse the categoriesthat you have to find new inspiration, see the tips of the collaborators or the dishes of other fans who have wanted to share with the rest. If you don’t want to download the application, available for Android , you can access its content from the web. Not Only Sweets.
It can be defined as a digital recipe book by the cooking bloggerJuan Carlos Campos.They are arranged in different categories to browse. It has a special search engine that allows you to select up to three ingredients among the options that it proposes to find recipes that fit the ingredients you have at home.


The motto of this platform is “ Cook with what you have at home”. Its search engine allows you to put up to 5 ingredients and navigate between all the recipes that fit them. Users registered with 5cook call themselves “cookers” and can share their own recipes on this platform. As a significant fact: it has more than 900 reference photos and more than 300 cooking recipes have been shared.

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