Fatima Diaz
December 28, 2021 – 6:50 p.m.
The third installment of MasterChef Junior was marked by how a contestant reacted to a criticized comment from the jury. A few words from Samantha Vallejo-Nagera made one of the young hopefuls of the La 1 program launch, without realizing it, a message of equality.
At the jury’s gathering with the children, Samantha discovered that one of the participants was selling clothes for young people, which surprised her classmates and the adults. April gave all kinds of details about the accessories and clothes she sells. After knowing all the data, the chef launched a proposal: “You have to fill all the girls with bows,” she said. “Bows are liked by all girls and no boy”

The answer came in the next test this Monday when the entire group of applicants came to the plate of the program with bows. April clarified her decision: “I have kept my promise and they have all come with ponytails or bow ties. I have filled them all with bows”,he detailed as a vindictive response, making it clear that he had wanted both the girls and the boys of the contest to wear the ties. A full-fledged slap from this 9-year-old girl to the cook.
After April’s decision, some people have charged against the Masterchef Junior judge and have applauded the “review” that this young contestant from the TVE program has done: “Yes, Samantha, children wear ties, how do you handle the tension

SERIOUS TUIT It was a wonderful moment to arrive on the set that day and see that EVERYONE had ties. Prejudice is always in the heads of the elders, never in that of the children. #MCJunior pic.twitter.com/YquTBlMdPh
— Abel Arana
(@AbelArana) December 27, 2021
Samantha: “April, you have to fill the girls with bows.”April filling both boys and girls with bows.APRIL, QUEEN.#MCJunior
— Ana
(@Anita_escorpio) December 27, 2021
“You have to fill the girls with bows” and the boys too if they want, not
— Alejandra VM (@MissMcPhisto) December 27, 2021
It is not the first time that Samantha has screwed up with some macho statements, since several months ago, in an Instagram direct, he assured his son Roscon that “boys dance with girls”, after the little one assured that he had danced “with a boy” at a party. Something for which he received a lot of criticism.

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