These January sales we have mixed feelings. On the one hand we believe that they have been much more disappointing than our expectations had been marked. However, on the other hand, we have discovered bargain sales that have left us speechless. The pants that the short ones wear in pairs (which are only worth 13 euros, mind you) or the blouses that we are going to wear for the first time in spring seem like an absolute fantasy. Although, if we have to talk about bargains, we have to mention the sale coats and jackets that we have already had our eye on.
After having assumed that there is only one garment that really shelters us from the cold, we are clear that the investment of the sales is a good down jacket. Comfortable, versatile and super wearable, this garment is always a purchase success. Looking for a garment with these characteristics, we have found the warmest down jacket on sale. It is black, size XXL and is in Stradivarius .
Thus, the warmest Stradivarius down jacket in the sales becomes the best signing of the season and now you will discover why. In addition to being an XXL garment (when we buy a jacket we seek to have freedom of movement), the Stradivarius down jacket becomes the warmest of the sales due to the material with which it is made . It is the Sorona padding, a material that makes the Stradivarius down jacket the warmest of the sales.
What does the Sorona padding consist of

It is, nothing more and nothing less, a series of down coats made with technological materials. Specifically, these garments are designed by Sorona, a special thermal padding manufactured by Dupont that, in addition to retaining body heat, is insulating and breathable.
Thus, the material with which the Stradivarius XXL down jacket is made makes it the warmest of the sales and makes the garment perfect to bet on it when we want to wear a finite garment and do not know how to keep warm to be able to show off our style. and not die of hypothermia. In addition, the Stradivarius XXL down jacket is black, which makes the pendant super wearable .

This is the warmest Stradivarius XXL down jacket on sale

. It is a padded coat with a high neck that has SORONA padding. Side pockets hidden in the seam, with fleece lining, to make it even warmer . Another aspect that makes this Stradiarius XXL down jacket the warmest of the sales is that it has a cuff with an elastic interior, which maintains body temperature . The design of the Stradivarius puffer jacket is finished off with a front zipper and flap with snap buttons, as well as a hem with an opening on the side, with snap buttons.

Available from size XS to XL, the Stradivarius down jacket was priced at 69.99 euros and is now reduced to 39.99 euros.

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