You would really like a beautiful parquet, but it costs too much
The warmth of a beautiful wooden floor, with its veins and shades that are always different and unique in its kind, are a true artistic masterpiece and its value is inestimable. Laminate floors , however, thanks to the evolution of production, guarantee the same results at a much lower price.
The Advantages of Laminate Floors Laminate was considered an inexpensive floor
when it was born . The furniture makers began to produce this slatted flooring, with the intention of creating a “light” version of the wooden parquet.. Incredibly, the idea immediately aroused great interest and in a few years experienced a great expansion. Everyone talked about it as a floor that was easy to assemble , also suitable for those with little experience, it was fast, comfortable and suitable for many situations. Given the great success, some manufacturers have decided to devote more attention to materials and production technologies . This growth has transformed a low quality floor into a premium product
The choice between parquet and laminateit’s not as easy as you think. Even if the wood has characteristics that the synthetic cannot have, today a good laminate, it can give great satisfaction. Many people, in fact, are not able to distinguish them because technology has really made great strides. The fake parquet , as laminate is sometimes defined, is composed of a layer of wood fibers and resins pressed together, all of the highest quality and the final layer is composed of a molded plastic that is able to faithfully reproduce colors and grain of wood.
To make the difference between the various laminates, as well as for the parquet, is the manufacturer and, in turn, the retailer. This is because a buyer needs to be guided in this difficult path to face. Before showing the various products, he must understand what the customer needs but, in particular, what result he wants to achieve. Laminate has not only the economic factor in its favor. It is light, it installs easily, it uses the floating method, it does not need to be glued, it cleans well and so on. How to identify the right laminate floor for your needs
Among the questions that the supplier will ask you may be the classic ones, such as: do you prefer it light or dark
In which environment you have to put it
They seem like two harmless enough questions, but they are not. A small and poorly lit room will require a light floor, which gives off light, otherwise a bright room can also be furnished with a dark floor. It is the room it is intended for, creating inequality! Unlike wooden parquet, laminate can also be used safely in the kitchen and bathroom . Any drops of water and humidity will not create any problems for this type of flooring, while in the wood it could cause unsightly swellings.
Another difference between laminate and parquet comes from the fact that the former is particularly resistant to wear, UV rays, dents and does not need periodic treatments, this increases its initial value even more. We can see a practical example when moving furniture. The imprint of the moved object remains on the parquet because in that point the wood has been protected from light and wear, you can see the difference, with the laminate this does not happen. If a heavy object falls, the wood can be scratched, but a good laminate floor cannot. Obviously, there are not only advantages, there is nothing that offers only positives. The negative sides of an object must be evaluated more carefully than the positive ones. Economical, easy to install, easy to clean, does not need extraordinary maintenance,
Those who choose wood often also evaluate it by touch. If the result may be excellent to the eye, you will notice differences to the touch, since the laminate does not convey the same sensation. Laminate for all tastes
Apart from the particular touch sensation, the laminate has another defect: the noise. In reality, with the soundproofing mats that are used for laying, the problem is solved, but the noise it emits when you walk on it is different from that of wood: it resounds a little more. For some people these may not be problems, but to make a definitive and convinced choice, these aspects must also be evaluated. Having made the necessary reflections, all that remains is to choose the right color! With laminate floors, all essences are reproduced, as you can see on, the embarrassment and only in the choice. A good salesman will try to direct you towards one tone rather than another: this happens because his experience allows him to make considerations that, to those who are not in the sector, could escape.
As we said before, light or dark colors must be chosen based on the brightness and the size of the environment, but not only. The style of furniture that you want to adopt is another element that plays a fundamental role in the choice of the color of the floor. In addition to the color, the laminate also reproduces the grain of the wood and these, even if it seems impossible, greatly affect the final result. A supplier is able to see the whole of the work, which often the buyer cannot do based on the sample alone. A suggestion could be to show you pictures of the rooms where that floor has been installed: not photographs taken from the catalogs, but from the works actually carried out by the supplier. In this way you will be able to get a rough idea of ​​the final result.
Among the various considerations to make, keep in mind the final cost which is not simply composed of the price of the floor. For the installation of the parquet, in addition to the floor costs, it is necessary to add those of the installer, those of the glue and those of treatment and polishing. Laminate floors, on the other hand, have only the cost of the floor, any soundproofing carpet and installation. Furthermore, the laying times of the parquet are much longer and more complex than those of the laminate. At this point all that remains is to make the best choice!

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