Moscow has requested military assistance from Beijing since the beginning of the war. The news comes on the day when the US unexpectedly announced a meeting with China in Rome precisely to try to stem a war that is getting closer and closer to the borders of the EU and NATO, while the specter of chemical weapons is becoming one ” legitimate concern “.
The meeting between National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan and Chinese Communist Party diplomacy chief Yang Jiechi will undoubtedly be an uphill battle, with the knowledge that Beijing – although it seems unlikely – could also decide to respond to Moscow’s requests for military aid. So much so that the United States has prepared the warning for the allies on this eventuality, according to rumors reported by the Financial Times. Sullivan and Jiechi haven’t met since last October, five months that feels like 10 years. And in the 18 days that changed the world, China never condemned the attack on Moscow but abstained, instead of voting against, on the UN resolution condemning Russia. The language then changed slightly over time, so much so that Xi a few days ago, in the course of a phone call with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the French President Emmanuel Macron, he pronounced for the first time the term ‘war’ so unwelcome to his ally Putin. He then strongly criticized the Western sanctions that “will damage the recovery of the global economy from the Covid-19 pandemic”.
And it is precisely on the sanctions front that the US intends to put pressure on China. “Any move by Beijing or other countries to offer Russia a lifeline or help it evade Western sanctions will have consequences. We will ensure that neither China nor anyone else can compensate Moscow for these losses.” were the words of Sullivan on the eve of his arrival in Rome, where he will also meet the diplomatic adviser of Prime Minister Luigi Mattiolo. Diplomatic sources do not rule out even a conversation with Draghi himself, although it is not on the agenda. Washington’s goal is now to persuade Beijing to enter the field more directly to put pressure on Moscow and try to find a way out of a war whose outcomes seem to get out of hand every day. ” A scenario that Beijing has very clear and that could convince the CCP chief of diplomacy to have a more incisive role in the dialogue with Moscow. However, the disturbing call for help from Moscow remains on the table at a time when Putin is clearly in trouble and needs military assistance more than ever. He requested that until now he would not have received an answer, but which was also discussed in the meeting in Rome.

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