Turkish series sweep in Spain. Since last spring, several television channels have opted for these new “soap operas” where tragic and romantic stories are mixed with details of the culture and customs of Turkey.
Such is the phenomenon of fans of Turkish series that some of its most international actors are the new sex symbols of the television scene.
The latest Turkish series that, judging by audience data, is triumphing is Mujer, which continues to sweep Antena 3. Its international success continues to grow and week after week it gathers almost 2 million viewers.

Before to bed

with22 of the 81 chapters of which the series is made up have already been broadcast, the chapters are that they lasted too long. Most exceed 140 minutes, more than two hours , and forced to stay up late until 01:30 in the morning. It is the typical duration of the Turkish fictions of ‘ prime time ‘ but that is far from the national standards , and very especially from those of Antena 3
That will not happen again in Antena 3. From this Monday, Woman will last each chapter will end around at 00:30 hours , as reflected in this week’s grids. Spectators will therefore gain an extra hour of sleep.
With this measure, the channelextends to Women its commitment to rationalization of schedules , trying to ensure that its ‘prime time’ spaces end as close as possible to midnight.

118 chapters to go

With this reduction, Antena 3 no longer has 59 installments left to broadcast until the outcome of the Bahar, Sarp and Sirin plots is known , but instead there are still up to 118 chapters left to go.

Atresmedia will divide the chapters more or less in two, always trying to cut at the right moment to respect the meaning of the plot and end each episode with a cliffhanger . Something that seems to be simple in the case of Woman, afiction that usually has several key moments throughout each chapter, which will allow not to damage the chapter.


success Do you think that Sirin will be able to withdraw the complaint
https://t.co/Y6HTjxbifs #Mujer28Sep pic.twitter.com/nCiaVJnurg
— Antena 3 (@antena3com) September 28, 2020
Woman was the surprise of the audience this summer and it is being quite a phenomenon at the start of the season. Its audience is so loyal that it remains attentive to the plot before long-awaited premieres of other popular programs, such as Masterchef Celebrity or The Island of Temptations.

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