You want to sleep peacefully, sheltered from thieves and in complete safety
In this article you will learn about the best security locks on the market that make any door completely safe. The keys are not safe and need to be changed.
To understand which is the best lock on the market, it is essential first of all to know the current types of locks, from the less secure to the theft-proof ones, so as to be able to equip oneself with the most efficient and resistant versions.
If you have any of the following three keys, we recommend that you replace it as soon as possible!

  • the serrated key , the one we’ve all had. It is currently the least safe of all
  • the double-throw key . It was the first version of armored doors, but by now this type of key has become obsolete.
  • the dimple key . A more modern version of the double-throw key, this lock is unfortunately no longer safe.

Defend yourself from bumping. Here are the three best security locks.
The lock is the main safety device of the security door. It is therefore necessary to have a closure system that is really effective to defend against the so-called “bumping”. Key bumping is
an illegal method to very easily open cylinder locks on doors and padlocks, using a key called “bump” and which has been specially shaped. In fact, it takes a few tens of seconds for an experienced thief to open a cylinder not designed for anti-bumping protection.
To be really safe it is necessary to have security locks that have important technical solutions able to avoid possible attempts of aggression and theft.
Here are the three best security locks on the market.

  1. The lock with anti-burglary block.

The locks that are equipped with an anti- burglary block are defined as a trap.
They represent a modern version of the most common locks of armored doors. The trap has a system that permanently blocks the lock the moment the cylinder is pulled out with force by experienced thieves. In this way, the impossibility of forcing entry puts the malicious people on the run, who understand that they are in front of a completely safe system.

  1. The anti-shock, or anti-tear lock.

The anti-shock locks, also defined as anti-tear, are one of the most efficient security systems on the market. They are real armor against burglars.
They have an internal and external steel protection, so as to form a single but very resistant block. To these locks it is possible to add a defender, i.e. a physical protection consisting of a smooth and flat plate to be applied above the keyhole in which to insert the key. It is possible to move this plate only using a secret code. Consequently, it is very difficult to tamper with.

  1. The European cylinder lock.

The European cylinder lock and the evolution of the double bit lock. Compared to the double bit this system has several advantages. Among these, a smaller footprint since the supplied key is rather small. In addition, replacement and mastering (ie, the convenience of opening with a single key, various systems) are easier.
The absolute best European cylinders are those equipped with an anti-probing pin, rotor and body with anti-drill protection and central anti-tear bar.
If you are looking for the best security locks on the market with a good quality-price ratio, Mottura locks are highly performing products, ideal for armored doors, wooden doors, frames and safes, both for private use and for commercial activities, such as hotel.

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