MILAN – The paper house is one of the most successful Netflix original series of recent years. The Professor, Rio, Denver, Tokyo, Nairobi and all the other Dali masked characters have entered the hearts of the Italian public, who are now anxiously awaiting the release of the third season . The paper house in Piazza Affari
The release date of The paper house is scheduled for Friday 19 July, and will consist of 10 episodes. Already today, however, for the Milanese public it will be possible to preview the first two episodes. Netflix has organized a free outdoor screening aimed at everyone in Piazza Affari in Milan, tonight at 9.30pm. And there will be surprises: this morning a huge inflatable of a man in a red suit and Dali mask was installed, connected to the artistic installation by Maurizio Cattelan.
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For those unfamiliar with Piazza Affari, it is a square in the center of Milan where the Milan stock exchange is based. The contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan created in 2010 a 4-meter statue in Carrara marble depicting a giant middle finger . The title of the work is LOVE, an acronym that stands for Freedom, Hate, Vendetta, Eternity. Now for the Netflix event the middle finger is directly connected to the hand of one of the Professor’s followers.
The choice of place, Netflix declares on the Facebook event , is not random: “And if you think that the place chosen is random … there is no choice of the Professor who leaves room for chance”. No further explanations are given, but this suggests that the first two episodes of the third season of La casa di Carta have something to do with the city of Milan. Bella ciao and the revolution
It must be said that a square where a giant middle finger stands in front of the stock exchange is a perfect scenariofor a series like La casa di carta, whose protagonists are thieves, but with a strong revolutionary component , subversive of the system. Not surprisingly, their symbolic song is Bella Ciao , a symbol of anti-fascism but also of the people’s rebellion against power. Lukas Perros , new cast member for the third season, reflected on this theme in the last press conference: «Bella Ciao to the extent that a song of anti-fascist origin has a strong meaning not only in Italy but throughout the world. It has become the symbol of people’s rebellion against the system, the banks, the politicians. People are fed up with broken promises, with wealth in the hands of a few, and looking for heroes and these Robin Hoods who overturn the idea of ​​good and evil are what they are looking for. ” Great expectations therefore, not only for tonight’s event, but for the whole third season. According to the statements of directors and cast members, the new episodes will see the company reunite alongside the professor, but for very different reasons, more “profound and sentimental”. We look forward to finding out what will happen.

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