The effects of summer are beginning to be felt in our hair. Many prefer not to go to the hairdresser and maintain the length of their hair with some tricks that keep split ends at bay. Others take advantage of the change of season to try the new trends in haircuts that fall brings. After the summer and a year full of uncertainties, it is time to take risks and dare with a change of look. Record these haircuts and start the autumn getting the style you want.
If you still don’t dare to wear the new haircuts of the season, be inspired by these hairstyles to change your look and don’t forget to take care of your hair with the right masksthat provide nutrition, shine and vitality to tired hair after the summer.


cut This type of haircut has been among the favorites for several seasons. Sophisticated and with a twenties air, the bob cut is suitable for any type of hair. This season you can bet on cutting your hair like this and playing with the waves to give it movement.

Long bob

You plan to cut your hair but the bob is too daring for you. Try a long bob while you decide to give yourself the ultimate cut. The effect is similar to that of the bob and you can complete it with subtle reflections that give movement to this very straight cut.

We met him last season and he became the favorite haircut of the most daring . If you are among them, it is time to make a pixie. Take the opportunity to radically change your look with a renewal in your coloration. The effect of the pixie and an almost platinum blonde is groundbreaking.


‘s haircut A direct competitor to the pixie, the men’s haircut is the most comfortable and practical trend of the season. Forget dryers and straighteners and welcome naturalness with this haircut. You can play with styling mousse on the bangs to add a cool touch to your new haircut.

The return of capes
They were so from the 2000s that we wanted to banish them forever along with the rest of the styles from the beginning of the 21st century. But now capes are more in fashion than ever. Whether you have long or mid-length hair, it’s time to go back to layering for a flattering motion effect .

The paraded bangs as a complement

It is the perfect ally for a mane cut in layers. The paraded fringe can be the perfect option for your change of look if you do not want to change your hair excessively. This type of bangs, together with the layers, add movement to the hair and luminosity to the face . They are very flattering.

very thick bangs
One of the hair trends that is hitting hard this 2020 is the bangs. Framing the face with bangs is one of the trends that takes on the most weight and is reinvented the most. This season bet on thick bangs and destroy your style.

Medium hair

A classic where they exist. It was born to compete with long hair and everyone who tried this haircut wanted it forever. This season is still one of the most demanded and flattering .

Long midi

It is similar to the medium hair but has a more casual look . Its length, usually, does not go beyond the shoulder and it has somewhat jagged ends.

long hair
It is almost an extinct species because short hair has gained a lot of ground in recent years. Although this season, XXL hair gains momentum to become one of the preferred hair styles. Clean up your ends, use the right products and show off your long hair .

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