A haircut can completely change our appearance. It is evident that if we go from a maxi mane to a pixie the change will be really remarkable. But it is not necessary to resort to such a radical haircut for our appearance to be completely different . We all have jeans that, whatever we combine them with, we know we feel scared. Its cut, its color, its shot, everything seems to blend in with our body and makes these our favorite jeans because, ultimately, they are the ones that fit us best. Regardless of what the current trends are. Something similar happens with haircuts .
Surely you have ever had a haircut that looked spectacular on a celebrity and two pistols looked like a saint on you. Inexperience and lack of information has led us to suffer from the odd hair loss , but we already know that all haircuts are not suitable for all faces . As with those jeans that you love and feel divine, there is also a haircut with which you will be spectacular.
You just have to observe the features of your face and enhance them with the help of that haircut. We have selected ten types of haircutsso that you get inspired when changing your look and take into account your own features to get the most out of it. Forget the hair trends of the moment, don’t look for inspiration in the influencers, look in the mirror and think about what suits you best. We are sure that after reading the article you will have found the haircut that will have the same effect as your favorite jeans.

Haircut with bangs for a long face

Bet on bangs to shorten your face, as long as it is not too short. In addition, it will draw a line opposite the verticality of your face, sweetening your faceand giving it a really flattering look. Play to give some movement to the hair with subtle waves to make your look casual and less sober.

Cut with blunt ends for an oval face Oval

faces do not usually have problems when it comes to opting for a type of haircut, since practically all of them favor it. We propose a haircut with swept ends to give movement to the hair , especially if you opt for a length that exceeds the shoulders. Although this haircut and this type of face allow for a polished hairstyle, we like the casual look that the waves give and that they enhance movement even more.

Haircut with shorter front strands for a square face
What stands out most in this type of face is the jaw, something that can be softened with a good haircut. It is preferable to bet on a midi hair and parade the strands closest to the face to sweeten the features. It is preferable not to frame the face, therefore, the front locks are shorter but do not become a fringe.

Haircut with a lot of volume for a heart-shaped face Heart-

shaped faces combine perfectly with haircuts that give them volume. The best way to achieve this is by going for layers and remember, the shorter you wear it, the greater the volume. You can give it a touch by also betting on a curtain fringe, which gives the haircut a very flattering retro look.

Long, straight hair for a round face

Unlike long faces, this type of face needs a haircut that visually lengthens it. That is why we opt for a straight cut, perhaps a bit frayed at the ends, and with a length that quite exceeds the shoulders. In this case, we can enhance the effect even more with a straight mane in which there are no bangs or the front strands are excessively short compared to the rest of the hair.

High volume cut for a long face
We recognize that Selena Gomez does not have what is called a long face, but the haircut in the image is exactly what we propose for a long face. A long mane with layers that give it a lot of volume, a few strands at the front and discreet waves achieve an absolutely flattering effect.

Long bob haircut for a square face

The bob cut is one of the most varied. Its original version has many more options with which to adapt this haircut to any type of face. One of them is the long bob, which in a casual and wavy version is very flattering on square faces.

Layered haircut with bangs for an oval face
We have already said that oval faces have an advantage when it comes to getting a haircut because almost everyone favors them. It is time to take risks and move on to a very short haircut in which the layers have a special role. Give more personality to the haircut by also betting on a fringe , but make it look less polished and more disheveled.

Layered haircut with shorter front strands for a heart-shaped face

Layered haircuts are very flattering and look great on heart-shaped faces. Opt for a layered cut above the shoulder and leave the front strands a bit more paraded to give your hair a lot of movement.

Inverted V haircut for a square face

Don’t let your features limit you when it comes to getting a haircut. It is true that short hair marks even more the features of a square face, but we have the solution. Instead of going for a face-framing cut (with the front strands swept back), go for an inverted V haircut. That is, let the strands closest to the face be longer , while the back part is shorter. In addition to softening the face, this haircut will give you a lot of volume,

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