We already know that this Christmas is going to be different. That the meetings will be much smaller and that we can count the plans on the fingers of one hand. But, that Christmas is not going to be like every year is not reason enough to neglect our party looks. It is true that we are not going to go to any party and that we may spend the most special days of Christmas at home, but is it necessary to have a specific plan to set ourselves a great look
We deserve to shine with highlighter throughout Christmas.
It’s still early days but you may have already selected the outfits you’ll bet on for Christmas. You have so many possible combinations, that it is easy for you to think of an outfit. What you may not have considered yet is how you are going to do your hair and that is a fundamental part of any look. Especially this year, that we will spend less on our looks and avoid the great opulences. Therefore, the key is in the hairstyle .
You have gone from wearing your hair loose at home to making wonderful updos and you have stopped wearing the typical ponytail when you wear a mask to make a somewhat more elaborate updo. You know that currently the hairstyle is the key that allows us to see ourselves beautiful and bet on different looks, so when thinking aboutChristmas outfits it is advisable to bet on a hairstyle with a lot of roll.
Do not be lazy and treat yourself to a stylish hairstyle this Christmas . We propose some very simple hairstyles with which to shine with your own light this Christmas. In addition, they are so easy to do , that when we return to the big events and parties you can bet on them to give your look a sophisticated touch.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: High semi-updo

It is the most trendy semi-updo of the whole year. Although it is a hairstyle that already lived its golden age a few decades ago, the high semi-updo takes on special relevance this year. We like it because, in addition to being very easy to do, clears the entire face, giving special prominence to our face. For Christmas, instead of finishing off the hairstyle with a jumpsuit, polish the top part a bit , giving it volume and leaving the ponytail loose.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Low jumpsuit

The low updo is always a winning horse when it comes to stylish hairstyles. It favors all women and, in addition, it gives a very sophisticated air to any look. What we propose is very simple to do. You just have to take a low ponytail, separate the hair in two above the rubber bandand insert the pigtail inside. Tuck in any excess hair with a bobby pin and separate the resulting monkey so it has a bit of volume. It will not take you five minutes to have this super hairstyle.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: 50’s waves 50

‘s style hairstyles (and looks, makeup…) are our favourites. Any style goes up a notch when we go for a 50’s hairstyle and it’s even more appealing if the makeup is also reminiscent of this era. This hairstyle is a little more laborious than the previous ones, but it is worth it.
The secret is that the hair is perfectly polished. You will need some tongs with which to make the waves, which you will then place in the same direction with your own hands to achieve that distinguished look. You can manipulate the waves until you get the desired effect by applying some hairspray to your hands. This way you will be able to fix them.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Very disheveled high jumpsuit

It is one of Elsa Pataky’s favorite hairstyles and it will become our favorite hairstyle for this Christmas. It is so easy to do, that once we do it for the first time we will want to wear it always. The secret to the triumph of this hairstyle is the tousled effect and the two loose strands left around the face.
You just have to put your hair up in a very high jumpsuit, without taking special care when picking it up, and leave two loose strands in the area of ​​the sideburns (like Elsa Pataky). If you want, before putting your hair up you can tease the root area a bit to give it volume.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Updo with a bow

That 2020 is the year of bows is something that no one can argue with, that’s why celebrating Christmas with a bow hairstyle can be very top. Also, the good thing about resorting to a bow (they sell them already made and in the form of a barrette, for those of us who are not very handy) is that the hairstyle can be super simple. The bow, we bet on a black one to give an elegant touch to the look, becomes a decorative element of the hairstylethat we have chosen.
We suggest, if you have long hair, that you collect your hair in a ponytail and make a kind of low jumpsuit. On the base, place the bow and that’s it. Although the possibilities of a simple bow hairstyle are endless.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Messy

updo A very sophisticated hairstyle for Christmas. Of all the collected ones that we propose, perhaps this is the one that takes you the longest to do, but it is worth it. To achieve the disheveled effect you need a flat iron or a pair of tongs with which to make very small and marked waves.
Divide the hair into zones and take very small strandsthat you will undulate little by little. When you have completely wavy hair, take loose strands and place them with hairpins and at your whim in the lower part of your neck. It is important that you leave two loose strands that frame your face and give the hairstyle that sophisticated look.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Low ponytail with pins

How could we make a list of hairstyles for Christmas and not include the top trend of all 2020

Yes, the maxi hairpins and pinswith pearls or diamonds have been a trend that has accompanied us throughout the year, that’s why we think it’s a perfect option for our Christmas hairstyles. Especially if we are going to bet on a very simple hairstyle, as is the case. On this occasion, you just need to gather your hair in a very polished low ponytail and place as many hairpins as you want on one of the sides.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Half updo with a jewel bow

A simple hairstyle does not necessarily imply that it is simple, that will happen with the accessories. If the hairstyle proposals are based on the premise that they have to be easy to do, this may be the simplest of the entire list. That is why we propose complementing it with a jeweled bowand turn a simple and easy hairstyle into a super hairstyle full of glamor and very sophisticated.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Semi-updo with stars

Blanca Suarez made us fall in love at the San Sebastian Festival with a super simple updo decorated with mini crystals, which gave her look a spectacular touch. Well that’s the idea. Make a simple hairstyle a spectacular hairstyle. As in the previous semi-updo, which we turned into a super hairstyle thanks to the jeweled bow, this time we give our semi-updo a roll with small stars that adorn our hair. In the form of hairpins or clips, the stars (or any other element with which you want to decorate your hair) are super easy to place.

Easy hairstyles to shine at Christmas: Loose hair with a maxi headband

Nothing goes better with a simple hairstyle than a good headband. Leave your hair loose (you can wear it in its natural form, although we recommend simple broken waves) and put on a maxi headband. Take advantage of the fact that it is Christmas time to bet on red, green or gold tones and look for an XXL headband that has many colored stones. Just like the jeweled bow, the jeweled headband takes your hairstyle to another level.

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