Every season there is a garment that becomes a Zara bestseller . Everything seemed to indicate that it would once again be his famous and best-selling jacket, but our style alerts indicate that it will not be the only one. Will it be her psychedelic print dress
Will the new skirt be in animal print
Almost, but no. Zara’s new bestseller is a pareo skirt that makes a great look and as soon as you see it you will know where the success of the garment lies.
This summer we saw the irruption in our favorite firms of a new type of skirt. To the midi skirts that we like so much, the pareo skirts were added, one of the best-fitting in the world. We were super happy with the arrival in our closets of this super flattering garment, but we thought it would be a flower of a day, that it would only accompany us during this summer.
Nothing can make us happier than discovering that sarong skirts are not only still super trendy, but that Zara bets on this garment to present us with an irresistible design that makes us great. Hence, it is the new bestseller of the season.
For a garment to become a bestseller, only two things are needed: word of mouth elevates it to glory and it is so flattering that we buy it en masse. That last thing is what happens with the Zara pareo skirt, who makes an incredible guy and that is why he is the most sold of the firm. With a midi length (the most flattering of all lengths), Zara’s pareo skirt is presented in a satin fabric and a print that combines shades of camel, black and white in intersecting lines .
Unlike the most summery designs, Zara’s pareo skirt that makes a great guy is tied at the back, leaving the entire front clear to achieve a brutal styling effect . Although it is tied at the back, this new Zara bestseller crosses at the front, leaving a side opening that gives the sarong skirt a very sophisticated touch.
In addition to its cut, the print on the Zara pareo skirt makes the garment super flattering and wearable with endless autumn looks (also winter). With a black blouse with a sweater.. Any garment is perfectly combinable with this pareo skirt from Zara, which is great and is the new bestseller of the season. Have you still not realized where the success of this pareo skirt

Keep reading and discover what Zara’s new bestseller of the season looks like.

This is the Zara pareo skirt that makes great and is a bestseller

Available from size XS to XXL, the Zara pareo skirt that makes great has a price of 29.95 euros.

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