There is no more satisfying way to visit a locality, at least for us women, than to scrutinize every little corner to look for shops, stalls and particular markets that sell characteristic and out of the ordinary products. Get ready, pretty woman, to take a tour of very particular shops and markets in various parts of the world, there will be fun … and already shopping, our cross and delight!

For ecologists and lovers of recycled material it is interesting to point out one of the most famous shops in Zurich, built entirely with containers for the transport of goods. The shop is called Freitag shop, it sells bags made with recycled goods and takes its name from the company of the same name who created the project. The containers, superimposed one on top of the other, form a futuristic structure 26 meters high, above which a telescope is positioned to admire the panorama from above, an unusual example of creative recycling … from the series it is not thrown away nothing, recycling is trendy!

The elegant city of Paris offers those who are looking for curious and out of the ordinary shops, a disturbing place, but certainly one of a kind: the Deyrolle stuffed pet shop. Inside you will find a large variety of animals, bears, tigers, lions, giraffes, insects, butterflies, which after death have undergone taxidermy treatments to keep their structure intact over time. It is not just a shop, but a real museum for adults and children. I recommend on your arrival, despite the spectacle that will be shown to your eyes, try to be calm and do not remain as they say …. embalmed !!!

Those of us who are not a little superstitious, do not perform superstitious rituals and do not bring luck with them to protect themselves from adverse events
. prosperity, you can’t help but visit the eccentric witch market in Bolivia. The atmosphere of the market is made even more surreal by the presence of local characters who are reminiscent of real sorcerers and offer magical rites and miraculous potions to tourists and onlookers; you may not believe it, but how can I say, better not to try your luck !!!

Every Sunday, during the early hours of dawn, in the city of Banjarmasin in Indonesia it is possible to visit a colorful and cheerful floating market. The locals, in small boats, sell fresh fruit and vegetables, accompanied by traditional music; The market is a strong tourist attraction for those fascinated by local habits and customs and offers interesting ideas also for photography lovers. The only flaw is having to get up early … start setting the alarm!

Directly from the last days of Milanese fashion, Pinko launches a modern and brilliant idea, which could revolutionize the usual idea of ​​shopping: the hybrid shop, a space halfway between the classic boutique that exhibits goods for sale and online shopping. ; a real shop to browse. Inside you will find the classic mannequins dressed to show the new collections and large screens welded to the walls where you can click to consult catalogs with the help of expert staff, always at your disposal to give advice and experiment with new combinations … women believe me it is not a dream but pure reality!

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