When it seemed that everything was written in terms of style this spring, crochet arrived and turned everything upside down. Our favorite firms had given us small hints of what would flood the street style in the coming months and we knew that all the garments would be pink , that the flowers would once again be the protagonists of the dresses and that the wide leg pants would return to be the best they feel.
What we did not know, and we are discovering, is that the most boho trends of the 60s would return this springlike a breath of fresh air. First it was the boho print set with which to embrace the most hippie trend of spring, then came the orange knit dress to make color the most acidic trend and, finally, the new Stradivarius collection brought crochet back . , that fabric that featured in the most sixties outfits and that now invites us to embrace the most hippie and boho trends of spring .
Just arrived at the store, the new Stradivarius collection has left us absolutely irresistible crochet garments that can be combined with all the garments in our wardrobe.. Vests, bags, t-shirts, tops… But of all the crochet garments in the new Stradivarius collection, there is one in particular that has won our hearts. It is a crochet dress that takes sailor stripes to another level and is postulated as the best beach look of the summer. Yes, what you read.
Crochet is a trend recently incorporated into our lives, but sailor stripes are that eternal trend that never goes out of style. Dresses, t-shirts, blouses and even pants are dressed in sailor stripes to help us achieve the most stylish street style navy outfits.
Now, crochet and sailor stripes merge into one to offer us this Stradivarius dress with which we already imagine ourselves on beach days. A waste of style in a simple dress that makes crochet and sailor stripes the best combination for summer .
But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for summer to arrive with its beach days to be able to release it. The Stradivarius sailor striped crochet dress has a fantastic length that makes it possible for you to bet on it and wear it with jeans. When the days at the beach arrive, you will have the best summer look by opting for this crochet dress with sailor stripes and some original espadrilles .

The most beachy sailor striped crochet dress of the summer

The look to go down to the beach is not something that we should leave to chance. Despite the fact that most of the time we spend in a bikini, it is always necessary to go to a cool beach bar , take a walk or a photo session for Instagram with friends. For this you have to be prepared and have a super beach look. In that sense, the sailor striped crochet dress seems perfect.
Long-sleeved and super short (like all the top dresses of the 60s), this crochet dress has black and white zigzag sailor stripes . Its design transports us directly to another decade and makes us dream of long days at the beach.and friends in which style is always a plus.
If you want to wear a very 60s beach outfit , you can combine the sailor striped crochet dress with maxi sunglasses and put on a high ponytail with a little red bow that lets the fringe hairs frame the face, a la Brigitte Bardo t . A very summery look that transports us directly to the summer of love . Available from size XS to XL, the Stradivarius sailor striped crochet dress is priced at 29.99 euros.

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