MILAN – Many childhood memories for some fans of JK Rowling’s legendary Harry Potter series are linked to this magical and surprising world. On the other hand, as children who has never dreamed of receiving the acceptance letter from Hogwarts
But for true devotees, magic is still never dead today, so much so that Harry Potter remains a powerful force in their imaginations and identities. Their love for the world of the cute little boy wizard is not only written on their hearts but also imprinted on their skin. For some, history with its themes of courage, hope and magic have proved invaluable during the most difficult obstacles that life has placed before them. Here are some of their stories behind “the enchanted ink” released in an interview with Huffingtonpost Brian Arruda’s spell of protection
“I got the tattoowhen my son was born premature at just 23 weeks of pregnancy. He weighed only a pound and was only given a 17% percent chance of survival with severe medical complications for the rest of his life, but then something incredible happened and my son managed to get through four months without. real problems relating to its prematurity. Now his third birthday is approaching and what has blossomed and an amazing child with a personality that matches Harry’s in the saga. We decided to give him his name as a kind of protection spell, hoping to give him some ” magic ”extra. My first child was born prematurely in a car accident and when my wife had to go through seven surgeries before she could go to a rehabilitation facility, I associated the losses in Harry Potter with those of my family. Losing a family member is never easy, especially when it comes to a child. The pain that Harry accepts as part of his life is something I can personally understand. I’ve always loved history and grew up reading these books. For me, Harry and the Hogwarts family prove that endurance and love can conquer even the worst that life has in store for you. Someday, my son Cameron will be old enough to know the world of Harry Potter, so together we can witness what it means for Harry to overcome life’s hardships with the help of his friends and family. The meaning of the tattoo is very strong to me because every time I look at it it is like a reminder that reminds me how strong my son was to fight for his life despite the negative judgment of the doctors “Carla Dobryman’s “Protego” spell
“I wanted to make a tattoo related to the Harry Potter saga years but didn’t know which symbol or quote to choose. In the end I got around to a simple spell: “Protego”. It is a sort of shield and therefore of protection that creates a sort of barrier to protect something or someone from damage. I chose this spell for a rather special and intimate reason. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life and most of my adolescence I have engaged in various acts of self-punishment. Right under my tattoo, you can see the faint markings of previous scars that I have created. The tattoo is like a sort of reminder to make the best use of my resources and enjoy the things that make me happy to protect me from the “Death Eaters” in my mind ” Always by Rachael Whitman
“I have used the word“ always ”on the outside of my wrist always. Even if the message may seem trivial, it is not for us fans of the saga. The series of events leading up to the famous conversation between Dumbledore and Snape will forever be one of the most significant traces in the history of Harry Potter. Not only did it change Harry’s life, but mine as well. It allowed me to understand that love is strong, unstoppable and infallible, but at the same time dark, painful and discouraging. I was able to sympathize with this concept which is still dear to my heart today. If you look up the word “always” in the dictionary you will find the definition “forever;” continuously “and for me is what love is. Whether happy or painful, it’s always ” The Deathly Hallows by Chris Mesler
“My tattoo is of the Deathly Hallows symbol, located on my right arm just above my wrist. I chose this symbol for its philosophical undertones. Someone who possesses all three qualifies to be a master of death and for me this symbol represents my struggle to “master” death, something that is part of life for all of us ” Photocredit:

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