Tonight 1 March on Rai movie at 21:05 and the film “ Call me by your name “, based on the book of the same name written by Andre Aciman, will be on the program. The film, directed by Luca Guadagnino, tells the love story between Elio, a seventeen-year-old Italian American, and Oliver, a charming American student. Elio is the son of an eminent university professor, who every year hosts a foreign student in his summer residence in Italy who is engaged in writing his post-doctoral thesis. Going up the driveway of the Perlman estate and this time the young Oliver, whose charming ways immediately strike Elio. Call me by your name, a book to read about a difficult love
In the book “Call me by your name” the lives of two boys are intertwined, in search of a forbidden but all too romantic passion. Let’s discover together some of the topics covered
Each meeting between the two turns into a moment of pure electricity. An overwhelming and unstoppable desire overwhelms them, pushing both of them into the inaccessible territories of love. There are several memorable scenes in this film, but one of them alone is worth watching the entire film. And the speech about love that Samuel, Elio’s father, addresses to his son in the final scene of the film. READ ALSO: The sequel to “Call me by your name” by Andre Aciman has arrived in bookstores The meaning of speech
Summer is running out and Oliver has just left for the United States, leaving an unbridgeable void in Elio’s heart. So one day, while the rain beats incessantly, Samuel sits next to his son and addresses him a prayer. He asks him not to anesthetize his pain, but to abandon himself to it, because forcing himself to feel nothing is a waste. What scares the father is not Elio’s homosexuality, but the fear that he may retire injured, that he may choose to stifle emotions and live always being one step backwards.
“We tear away so much of us to heal our wounds quickly that we end up bankrupt already at thirty,” these are the words spoken by the father. An invitation to surrender to love, to his strength, but also to the pain of loss, because it is only by going through mourning that Elio will be able to love again. Love is not told as a simple event, but as a choice. A choice that requires courage, but also the ability to abandon oneself, to take risks to try something that makes life worth living: because “the heart and body are given to us only once and, in no time at all, your heart is consumed and, as for your body, at a certain point no one looks at it and even less so “. The discourse on love
When you least expect it, nature has cunning ways to find your weakest spot. You remember that I am here. Now maybe you don’t want to try anything, maybe you never want to try anything and, you know, maybe it’s not with me that you want to talk about these things. But it feels something, because you have already tried it. Look, you had a wonderful friendship, maybe more than a friendship, and I envy you. In my place, a father would hope that all of this would go away, he would pray that his son would fall on his feet but I’m not that kind of father. We tear away so much of ourselves to heal our wounds quickly that we end up in bankruptcy at the age of thirty. And we have less to offer every time we find a new person, but forcing ourselves to try nothing in order not to try something… what a waste.
I spoke out of turn
So, I say one last thing. To clarify better. Maybe I came close, but I’ve never had such a thing. Something always held me back before, she got in the way. How you will live will be your business, but remember: the heart and the body are given to us only once and, in no time at all, your heart is consumed and, as for your body, at a certain point no one looks at it anymore. even less do you get close. You now feel sadness, pain, don’t kill them, like the joy you felt

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